I wroted about California…

Posted: January 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

I am a Californian. I always wonder what other state people think of my state, or the people of this state. I always imagine going to Kansas or Connecticut and telling people, “I’m from California.” I wonder what people would think or say. I always think they’d raise their eyebrows or something. Dunno why. Am I too liberal? What are [Southern] Californians and I like to others? I’m sure my life is no different than yours, if you live in another state. I was born in a city hospital and went to elementary school for seven years, middle school for three years and high school for four years.
The climate where I’m from, Venice, California; is really just plain. It gets hotter in the fall than the summer sometimes. It’s just normal, if that helps (by no means do I mean to be pretentious). I just mean that it rarely rains and never snows, which is a bummer. And all foreign people always say that the best thing about California is the weather. Never anything else, as if the weather was the only thing to like about California.
In terms of people, I’m not too opened- minded enough to tell you the difference from Californians and people form the other forty-nine states. I’ve only been out of here twice- to El Salvador, where my parents were born. I think the people here are cool. Then again they think they’re so cool, sometimes. You know what I mean. Anyway, I’m not going to say I’m cool. My high school experiences have showed me that teens are too trendy. Overall, I have no idea if other states differ. I like people here though, we all share our struggles with Capitalism, as we are a great example of its corruption. When it comes to integration, this state is much more diverse, from most. It just is.
I want to visit another state, one in the East Coast; preferably Connecticut. I just want to see what society is like over there; maybe even learn French there, randomly.
Until then, stay away from Californians that try to start up small talk. We just don’t do that here. So if someone tries to do it to you, they’re probably a tourist, or one of those nutty Californians. Have a great week.


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