Not Going Along my Generation of 2009 Late Teens

Posted: April 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

Lately, I’ve been all up in everyone else’s grill that’s at or around my age. I feel like I can’t fit in with my age group, let alone any group at all. I think I go against my generation so much because haven’t been accepted by it first of all and second, I have realized that I don’t WANT to be accepted by them. If I wear any type of hip clothing, it would take years until those clothes didn’t feel like a damn costume. Another aspect of this generation that doesn’t parallel with me is the rise of weird-sounding music in the mainstream media. I can’t relate to any of this non-sensical music, probably because you would have to take some kind of drug to actually enjoy it or feel as if you are “one with it.”

I think the largest reason is because I don’t like the label of going with the crowd, although sometimes it is positive in some historical aspect, but I feel weird about conforming and I have a fear of criticism and rejection, especially when dealing with more than two people; call me old-fashioned. I guess it’s too late to ever conform now, after having been socialized in different cntexts as other people have. It’s a matter of who you know in this this region rather than WHAT or HOW you know, and I just don’t know as many people as most teens do. I’m considered a “loser” by society’s standards, but certainly not by mine.

People my age go to a lot of parties, end up saying hi to people they know, talking to them. I bet they don’t even know why the party is even happening, rather they only know whose party it is. I have been a party pooper in past experiences- experience teaches you a lot of things about yourselves-a fact of life. I think if my Sociology teacher had been horrible, I’d of never decided to major in it therefore causing a chain of different events in the future that will alter your life. Teens Teens Teens.

I think I behave like a teen though, but my main problem is the pattern of generalizing and false assumptions/ conclusion-jumping. I think a good reason does come from negative experiences and my flaw of forgetting the positive things that happened, like meeting my friend Kelly. It’s just too bad that I’ve lost contact from her though, she was an important person to have come into my life but at least she’s probably happier without me.

Anyway, I think a big difference maker is the fact that my age groups seems like it’s waiting for someone else to solve it’s problems, but by the time we are of the most power, there will be too many problems to deal with. We need to start quickly. And we can’t have such high standards that we can’t even amount to them. I have No standards. Low expectations of others which is very sad of me. That’s what happens you feel let down by others at the same time feeling like you’ve let people down. My niece is ticklingme and bothering me into playing Super Nintendo. Just please don’t think I’m arrogant for writing it, but if you do think it’s meant to be arraogant, then you probably fit in with this generation of … early 90s children?

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