When I have children

Posted: April 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

I wanted to write this because someone suggested I write it (Kelsey), the internet is working, and the battery is very good.

I think this child or three children I’ll have will have a mother, because I hear it is hard to a single father to adopt a child,especially in the U. S. There will be three children: One older brother and two younger sisters. One sister will be a little bit younger than her brother and she will be very much older than her younger sister. The first child will be biologically mine, the other two probably adopted Probably the middle child will be adopted.

I’m not sure how to raise these children, because I hear it takes a lot of work and experience, neither of which I have ever had. I want to raise good kids though, good like me but that would have many friends and a good high school experience. I think it’s hard to determine the children’s personalities, but the middle child will probably doing the most work, as a star athlete and star student in high school and collge. I think my youngest daughter will be a meticulous and obssessive reader, which is okay with me. And my son, the oldest child, will probably be a hard working and honest person who will make me proud no matter what he does. It’s hard to come up with what a son would be. All I can say is that he won’t be a jerk, because jerks’ parents are or were probably jerks.

I’m scared to put any of my future children in public school, but I’m not sure why. I mean I was glad to be in public school because it help me figure out how the real world is, and with private school, I’d only be protecting my children from the truth. No doubt I would overworry and overprotect; I just don’t want to hide anything from my kids when they reach the appropriate age. I don’t know how to teach them about trust, I may leave that up to them. If I hide the harsh realities from these children, then how can I expect them not to deny any of it as real? I don’t want them to waste their lives because they are a clean slate, and many people aren’t and it’s very hard for them to change. I don’t want any of my children, to drink, smoke, do any type of drug for as long as they live and only let them have intercourse once they have graduated college and with their partner that has been with them for over nine months. I want to do it for their own good, because I’m scared of people wanting to take them away from me and my child’s goals.

When my kids are toddlers, they’ll be demons as all toddlers are, but I want to play pretend with them a lot and help them or prevent them from judging anyone for silly reasons, because I feel that I have done this and it has gotten me nowhere. By the age of three, I want my kids to realize that they’re lucky individuals.

My roughest years will probably be when my children enter the third grade up until their day of high school graduation. I only hope that they are stronger than I am. I will exercise with my oldest children, to make them able to defend themselves against strangers and acquaintances, and to help them protect their youngest sister, who likes to read and write poetry and will like to travel one day.

Like all parents, I want my kids to be happy. I also want my kids to have to go through things because everyone does. I want them to learn from things, but I don’t want them to have to experience anything wrong in their lives. From all this writing, I could already tell how hard it is raising a child for the first three months, let alone their whole lifetime. What if one of my kids gets kidnapped, or tricked into liking body piercings? It’s oo scary to think about, but I guess seeing smiles on their faces will make it well worth every single hour of raising them. Honestly, I don’t know if these children should have a mom, but I doubt anyone will ever love me as much as to want to give me a child. I hope i have my kids when I’m ready to; I’ve seen so many young moms and their hard journies, it must be a hard time for anyone even close to them. I want to mold good people out of my kids, and good generations. I feel like so many people, older people without kids have this mentality of, “Oh, gotta have my kids; it’s the only thing I need is a wife and kids to make my life complete, already got the house, the job, the car and the dog.” I don’t like it when people have kids because of their insecurites or because of social pressure by whoever makes the rules in this industrial society. Have a kid when you’re actually ready to and not when you’re unstable and rushing into it. I swear so many divorces happen cuz we think we find the right person too quickly. Probably easier said than done though.

I want kids because I bet it’s such a great feeling of how people can make people and teach people. Think about how culture is passed to children. I just want to see my kids grow, and to help them grow as much as I can. I have to wait though. I don’t know when to have any kids but I pray that I’ll have them one day and feel really sad if I never have any. I hope my generation continues to want having children. Poor kids never being born because of condoms. Condoms just mean all their parents wanted to do was fuck, and not even want kids. Sex makes kids. It’s the truth, and you want to deny it with your latex and your pills or patches or weird vaginal rings. I’m having my kids and you can’t stop me!!! And they’re gonna shake things up in this country cuz this place is boring and has been very visual and discriminatory lately!!

I hope that many of you people who are for abortion except if you have a child get to see both sides before you choose and I’ll do the same to avoid confusion and unnecessary, childish arguments. If you’re a teen and you need to get an abortion cuz you were too lazy or stupid to know consequenced don’t take it out on the little fetus. Like hell a fetus isn’t human. I’m sure that it doesn’t turn into a jack-o-lantern after a few months. But mind my arrogance because I only mean it for women who intentionally go against what they really believe in.

You should read The World According to Garp
when you get the chance; it’s my favourite book right after the Catcher in the Rye, and had a big influence on my life and how I see the concept of lust and how it ruins marriage and taught me that I’m the type of guy that wouldn’t ask my wife if she’s cheating on me when I know she is. I wouildn’t bring it up because I don’t want to upset her or my kids, and I wouldn’t want my wife to feel guilty for cheating so I guess I would tell her it’s okay and never dothe same to her.

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