Women that try to look pretty

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

I want to learn Swedish.

There are some women who try to look all pretty by tweaking things here and there, It doesn’t really work because we always take a second look. You can’t just tweak things here and there. Sometimes your personality has to match up with what you look like. I think we are all better off acting and dressing our age. There’s always some chick who tries to dress all hot but you know they are not, at least not in that way.

Listen: There are some women at or around my current age (19) who do this:

Short ones: They cut their hair really short and straighten it. They then proceed to think it is okay to wear some 10 dollar dress everyday and shit, or something cute or something. Well it AIN’T! It’s not cute, it is actually annoying. What’s worse is when you act all quiet like when we all know you’re conceited to the people you want to be conceited to and kind and luvey duveyish to the people you want to be luvey duvey ish to. It just ain’t right!

Light skinned ish ones: There’s no point in dying your hair if your face is just going to look the same. And you don’t have to wear fancy ish clothes to look all hot or something. Here is how we men judge a woman for who she is (more or less):

#1 Face

#2 Body

#3 Personality

It may be different for different men in terms of which is valued more but we look at these 3 areas to find out if you are attractive or not.

I don’t know what females find attractive. Probably confident guys or some garbage like that. Or something about symmetry or a strong jaw amirite?

Who knows I’ll probably google this. One thing that Wendy Williams said that was true was: The bigger the hair, the smaller the hips. I am beginning to notice that a lot of bigger women now are doing all kinds of shit to their hair to make it seem bigger. I like some thick women. It depends on their face too though; some thick women are better off a little thick and if I saw them get skinny it would look all weird.

Have you ever seen a fat guy you know from school get all skinny or something? It looks really weird. Kind of zombie like or something; kind of hard to describe

If there’s anything you should take from the shit that I wrote today, it is this: Some people look different than they should and it’s pretty obvious. When you see someone wearing trendy clothes, you are going to assume they are trying to be someone who they are not, okay? When you see a guy wearing some deuschebag looking shirt with skulls or guitars everywhere (esp Ed Hardy shit) he does not know how to dress. If I could afford to, I’d stick w/ the basics and dress like every real man in the 1950s dressed, black OR white: Properly.


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