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I just wanted to be a hero.

Posted: December 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

SO I was listening to “Tell Me Lies by Fleetwood Mac last night and started deeply imaginating again.

I imagined I took matters into my own hands and tried top capture Bin Laden. I imagined myself sneaking my way to wherever the hell his coordinates are. In this trip I’d find a way to capture his ass w/o anyone of his kind seeing me do it; all ninja status. I would get his ass and stuff it in a CESSNA which I would then fly back to D.C. On this plane ride I’d play American music in a boombox and think of all the shit humanity has been through in general. I would do all of this out of nowhere, no one knowing. I would put a T-Shirt on his terrorist ass that reads “God Bless America w/a picture of fireworks of some crap. I’d make damn sure i don’t leave a knife or a rope w/ him in his plane cubby. Not because he can kill ME w/ it, but to make sure he won’t kill himself. He should be alive in everything cause I could never Kill a person. So I’d drop him off near the Whitehouse w/ a rag around his mouth (an American bandana) and they’d just rush him in prison or something.

It’s finals week so I do this shit, and play Pokemon Platinum. I am currently on my way to Snowpoint City trying to get my 7th badge and I really want to pick up my Gabite so I can level him up and evolve him into a Garchomp lvl 60 for the pokemon league. I have a Rotom, Empoleon, and Rampardos in my party but I can’t rely on those 3 only; need more and a fire type too.

Legend of some guy

Posted: December 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

A long time ago, my ancient mentor told me, there was a guy. He was a serial killer that lived in the United States. WHERE in the United States I am still not sure, I wasn’t listening too well. It doesn’t matter where he lived anyway, he didn’t travel around to kill people, innocent people that is.

My mentor said that this man never got caught because no one actually saw a person killed, not even the people who died knew what he looked like, or if he was even a person for that matter.

He killed people when they were asleep. I’m pretty sure my mentor emphasized how this guy had the power to go into people’s dreams and kill them there. I thought that was nonsense because people don’t really FEEL stuff in their dreams in real life. But nevertheless, my mentor went on.

Supposedly this guy used to be a son of some farmer, a mean farmer. He told me how this kid never got to do what he wanted to. He’d always have to milk a cow here and dig up some cow shit there, and so on.

And the kid couldn’t run away because the dogs would bark when they saw him by the gates. The dogs were also mean, like his dad, as well as loyal to this farm owner man. So the story of his childhood lulled me to sleep, but my friggin mentor thumped my head and told me to stay awake. If you go to sleep after hearing the story he might come after you. I wasn’t that scared because of all the DNA shit we have now, but mentor said that didn’t matter.

So mentor began to explain all kinds of sick shit that this killer guy would do. I’m going to call this killer guy Ether because mentor didn’t give him a name. So this Ether guy supposedly entered people’s dreams like a sandman would and did stuff that led up to people dying. He didn’t scared people though, he would do this: He would make it a magical dream. the kind where you can fly, see nice people, maybe even get to have sex with a beautiful human being, etc.

Well this guy would fucking torture the shit out of these people (figuratively), until they committed suicide in their dream when they realized they were dreaming. Mentor said they couldn’t wake up because they CHOSE to like the dream at first. Didn’t make sense but like I said, he was ancient and shit, and ancient people HAVE to know truth about stuff. He also told me the Ether guy made them kill themselves because he didn’t want to go to hell like his dad told em when he tried to kill one of his dogs with a tree branch.

He told me one dream that a lady had, but he told me to have some herbs that warded off Ether and to then go to sleep; that I’d be hella protected- for now.

I’m too tired to write, but I’ll tell you about the lady’s dream later. And don’t worry about the killer guy getting you in your sleep or something. GOOBA GOOBA! There. He won’t show up in your sleep so you can stop crying already.