I just wanted to be a hero.

Posted: December 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

SO I was listening to “Tell Me Lies by Fleetwood Mac last night and started deeply imaginating again.

I imagined I took matters into my own hands and tried top capture Bin Laden. I imagined myself sneaking my way to wherever the hell his coordinates are. In this trip I’d find a way to capture his ass w/o anyone of his kind seeing me do it; all ninja status. I would get his ass and stuff it in a CESSNA which I would then fly back to D.C. On this plane ride I’d play American music in a boombox and think of all the shit humanity has been through in general. I would do all of this out of nowhere, no one knowing. I would put a T-Shirt on his terrorist ass that reads “God Bless America w/a picture of fireworks of some crap. I’d make damn sure i don’t leave a knife or a rope w/ him in his plane cubby. Not because he can kill ME w/ it, but to make sure he won’t kill himself. He should be alive in everything cause I could never Kill a person. So I’d drop him off near the Whitehouse w/ a rag around his mouth (an American bandana) and they’d just rush him in prison or something.

It’s finals week so I do this shit, and play Pokemon Platinum. I am currently on my way to Snowpoint City trying to get my 7th badge and I really want to pick up my Gabite so I can level him up and evolve him into a Garchomp lvl 60 for the pokemon league. I have a Rotom, Empoleon, and Rampardos in my party but I can’t rely on those 3 only; need more and a fire type too.


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