Feb 3, 2010

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Didn’t know what else to title this thing. I wanted to write about some kid in my math class. I feel really bad that he studies his ass off and gets Ds and Fs on all of his Tests. I never do the homework and have an A in the class so far. He’s failed the class before and I feel really bad.

At least we didn’t have a quiz though. My quize averages are very low, si I hope I get an A on the final to round up an A or B for my grade. I hope schools are impressed by little shit. I rather just get into a good enough school for what I want to do. I don’t want to go to UCLA. I hear it’s a good school and everything, but it seems to city like and overrated. I’d want to go to UC Berkeley or Santa Cruz or even UC Merced because they’re so far away from this big old city. I want to be out in the forest, busting out like 80 pull-ups at a time, eating insects and shit, all savage. Can’t do that kinda shit here, you get prozac thrown at you or something.

Anyway, I’m done writing. I want to disappear from the face of the earth for a few hours, I get tired of waiting to be honest. I have to get stuff to EAT, maybe I should just go home, and then leave home at 12 o’ clock. It’s 10 o’ clock now. I honestly don’t feel like hanging around for 2 and a half hours. I’m not productive unless I write in my journal; I should REALLY try getting a J-O-B.

I don’t want a girlfriend though, to be honest. It just sounds and looks cheesy, seeing people hold hands or kiss. I rather have intercourse though. It seems like a cooler thing to do, but not because everyone else is doing it. I guess it feels good, but I just want to make a chick moan or smile or something. But I understand I have to wait until I find someone special (semi-epiphany).

I don’t want to rush into a relationship, which is weird how horny us male teens/ early adults can be. I rather just hold it out, keep going along w/ destiny and everything. I guess I’m pretty happy for the most part, but at the same time I feel guilty about it, knowing other people struggle a lot, especially these days, what with everyone having their shit taken away (practically their whole lives).

I hope I get an A on this next Anthro test. Would you rather fast forward or rewind time? I would rather fast forward it. that way if something bad is about to happen, I won’t have to deal w/ it and just fast forward to the part where it’s not really bothering me anymore. I hate that feeling of being in trouble or someone else in a dilemma. It’s a nervous feeling and it bothers me just thinking about it.

Pretty lame post though. I wanted to read people’s journals just to see the kind of shit they write about. They probably write about crushes too, or the annoying characters of everyday life.

I want to read a chick’s journal, there’s just too much shit they have to go through, I think:

* Make-up and other accessories
* menstruation cycles
* Tight Pants
* Crying in public
* Shaving legs
* Long bathroom lines
* Possibility of being stalked/ manipulated by guys

All I don’t like about being a guy is shaving every 2 days or so. It takes like 2 minutes but still. Not much we go through. except maybe that we have to be rugged all the time, or something. Women are allowed to be more emotional I don’t really have a problem with that though. All in all, guys lives are easier and women have it pretty bad. Imagine on top of all of that some women are nice to people!

I feel bad, whenever I think or look at a woman, their lives must suck sometimes, what with all the responsibility. I hope girls like being girls and stuff. I guess I’m proud of all God’s daughters and stuff. They’re all pretty strong to me.

I should give my sister an Ensure that’s in the fridge when I get home.


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