Jeans not willing to be trashed and or replaced; Vaginanalintines Day

Posted: February 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

So I’ve lost about 20lbs since June and I’ve noticed a decrease in waist size. You’d think this is a great thing, but now all my jeans fit too big. Okay, I know what you’re thinking I HATE when skinny people complain about their weight! I hate it too, but I’m also not complaining about my weight buut my jeans. Even w/ the belt their too big plus they’ve always been too long in the pant area, especially if I have on Vans or thin-soled shoes.

Anyway, I’m wearing these pants that, everytime I walk, I have to pull em up from the waist part, and again on the leg part like every few steps and walk a certain way. I can’t afford to buy a whole new set of jeans and shit, even from thrift stores, it’s a waste of money. I only buy food and school supplies. My clothes is either old 2 dollar shirts from thrift stores, or clothes from Christmases and birthdays far ago. I still occasionally wear Nikes from the 10th grade and even some Air Forces from when I was 13 (I have no idea how they still fit).

So I’m keeping my jeans.

Apart from that, there’s some chick I guess I like. The funny part is I don’t want to like her, she’s not interesting (or funny) but there’s something beautiful about her (like inner and outer beauty). Here’s some context for my future happening:

Ok so when I was in high school, I was such a lame person right? I had crushes on over the top girls that were either too hot for me or too young for me, but LOOKED old enough. So I would make stupid shit forgirls I liked. This is in HIGH SCHOOL, mind you. There was this one girl that I liked, but to be honest is not very pretty: Ami. And then there was another disgusting ass chick I thought was pretty from the face, Genesis. Don’t even get me started about why I liked her, it makes me sick now, She was a sophomore when I was a senior.
So I made Valentines Day Cards for these girls on separate years, and DAMN GOOD ONES too. Well they took a while to make, is what I’m saying.

I gave it to a friend of the girl. The friend was someone in my math class. The second time I handed it to the actual chick, WHEN IT WAS RAINING BEFORE SCHOOL STARTED! So the 2nd chick I had talked to her friend on the bus that she was pretty and when I saw her again I actually said to the chick “I’m going to make you a card tomorrow okay?” which now sounds like I am going to make her into a card by some voodoo magic or something. Anyway, I never even talked to both of them as friends and I feel so pathetic for the happening that will eventually happen.

So, the girl I “like” now is someone I’ve talked to and stuff, but wasn’t much fun to talk with. I don’t even think she wants to talk to me. Who cares though, it hasn’t stopped me before. So this card I’m working on now will be no doubt THE card of my years of Valentine’s Days. Serious shit. And, I’m expecting her to not like it/ me/ never gonna talk to her again, unless SHE wants to (I’m such a liar/ loser). I’m going to SLIP IT into a copy of The Catcher in the Rye because I had said before that it was a good book. the problem is that wtf she might not even open the damn thing, therefore not knowing she has just received the premier V-Day card in all of fucking humanity.

And I was going to put some corny shit in the inside of the card, but all I got was stuff telling her how sorry I am for being scared of people, and that she was a very beautiful and funny person. I need an ending for it though. The sad part is no one ever does this shit for me, or even TALKS to me ever after I do this kind of shit.

So the point is that this card is what will get this chick out of my head/ life. Got it? Cuz I don’t!


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