I want to see someone

Posted: February 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

… so that I can give them a card and crap. I find it hilarious though, how things can be with people sometimes. I just don’t know WHAT to do about it. A friend ( I guess) told me that girls rarely tell guys that they like them; that the guy is the one who has to initiate shit. How am I supposed to tell her I like her? What if she feels disgusted and crap? She doesn’t want someone like me, she deserves better. I’m a loser, an ugly one. I just like hearing her talk sometimes, although the things being said are not very interesting. I like her and all, but I just can’t relate with her you know? She’s too shy and holds back a lot, and I always pressure her into talking about serious shit like death. Can you believe I talked to her about DEATH that one day? What WAS I thinking?

My librarian should try and lose some weight. Not because I find her ‘fat’ or whatever, but because sometimes a kid probably steals a textbook and then runs and if she’s out of shape then how will she ever catch up to him or her?

Anyway, my school is wayy too crowded this time around. I like just a small bunch of people here and there, but not everywhere I go. It’s as if people want me to all be around them and stuff and it can get uncomfortable at times, but it happens. There’s what like 7 billion of us now? It seems like just yesterday there were only 6 billion.

I can be scared to talk to people at times, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. I can pretty much type without using the keyboard sometimes. Some words are easier to type than others. I want to give that chick a card. I want to romance her or whatever it is called. I want to have long talks in nice and empty places where we both like each other the same. I wouldn’t mind if she liked ME more, but that shit won’t happen.

Lame post I guess. I’m going to head over to my Poli Sci class and hopefully have a bomb ass time in Badminton. I’ll try to write back in here later; gonna go get my ID at the DMV later on though- without an appointment, that is.


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