Done Being on the Prowl [for today]

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Okay so I’m determined enough to believe that this chick I need to give a card to is out there somewhere on my campus. It’s not that big a campus, but it is still very difficult to find a certain person. I’m not a stalker or anything, I’m just very smart. I remember seeing this paper she showed me, her schedule of classes. I only remembered the name of a few classes and the instructors for those classes.

So I cleverly looked into my school’s listing of classes for this semester and have tried to reach a strategy. I will go to the building where her class is about to end and stay around that area. I won’t wait in front of the door, that’s too obvious and could come across very creepy. But I read this shit and think: what the fuck is wrong with me; AM I seriously a psycho right now. But it’s hard just running into someone when you’re looking for them. Have you ever lost a set of keys? How hard is it to look for it? And how easy is it to one day have it just sitting somewhere? I think if maybe I stop looking for her she’ll magically appear or something.

The other problem is that, when you are looking for someone, a lot of similar looking people pop up. “That girl has straightened hair and light skin from afar; it MUST be her.” Nope. It’s not her, you just wanted it to be. Now any thin-ish woman with darkish, straightened hair and light skin with most likely blue jeans has an equal chance of being her. It’s annoying!

You’re probably thinking I’m the type of person from that stupid movie “He’s Just not that into You,” but this is different. Well maybe it isn’t. It’s not like…

Oh wait… she didn’t text back that one time… and…
but wait she was nice that one day…

I hate people. You can never read their minds and stupid BIC corporations’ pens fuck up all the time; I’m going to be an American for a few minutes and give them a piece of my mind…

See you later alligator.

P.S. If anyone from outside Southern California REALLY wants to know…

Yes, there are a lot of very attractive women over here and no, they don’t ALL have mushy stuff between their ears called brains. And you get all shallow and paranoid after being in that type of environment.

For Example: She’s pretty, which means she won’t like me back. She’s ugly, so I won’t ever like her. Or, she’s pretty and she might like me back, but she’s smart so she’s probably taken or would think I’m a loser.

Okay so this doesn’t happen to EVERY person, but when you think too much about it all starts to make sense, which doesn’t make sense because you’re kind of paranoid about shit. I’m writing like an immature 17 year old chick, fuck this. It’s like I’m possessed right now or something. READ THIS POST OVER AGAIN AND IMAGINE A CHICK WRITING ABOUT SOME DUDE SHE’S LOOKING FOR AND IT’D STILL MAKE SENSE.


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