Paranoia (sp?) & Perplexities

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Okay do I’m going to edit this post when I have shit to add. But it seems to me that people get paranoid about shit like relationships and what not- cheating. Okay, I got it from some forum where people ask for advice because they think they need it, but they don’t even follow THROUGH with the advice anyway so it’s some form of outlet I guess; they can go ahead and do some research…

I also know of relationship issues in terms of women not meaning what they say. I won’t write much in here now, but a lot of the times, I know that women say they don’t want a man cheating, or a certain distance between their man, but I also hear a lot of shit in an annoying voice about her all like “OMG you’re smothering me and I don’t like that in a relationship; you have to be balanced with my needs.” It’s like: bitch, either you want me to be with you right now or not. What is this balance you speak of? I can’t leave you alone because you get mad and paranoid but then if I’m around you ‘too much’ (which you won’t even define what it means) you get all annoyed and shit too. What’s it going to be?

I’ll put more things in here later, but here’s my main point. You GIRLS… and you GUYS are really DIFFERENT from each other. You’re going to hate shit that the other person does sometimes. YOU… have to COMMUNICATE… with your PARTNER… so they can UNDERSTAND YOU… and so you can UNDERSTAND THEM… so you WON’T ARGUE ALL OF THE TIME. How are you ever gonna learn shit about someone if all you do is look at them and FLIRT WITH them. You might as well not be married and send each other dirty letters or something over the firkin mail!


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