Japanese skit- romaji

Posted: March 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Post isn’t about the skit, but I wanted to include it cuz it helps me memorize shit. I have to perform today in my J2 class:


Hai. totemogenkidesu

Ee. Daisuke desune. Soto wa nigiyakadesukara.

Hai. Takusan shitsumon ga arimasu. Amerika ni takusan jiyuu ga arimasukara.

iidesune. Asa ohuro ni haitte moiidesuka. Asa ni shigoto ga arimasukara

Watashito akachan wa iie de tabako o sutte moiidesuka? Watashito akachan wa tobako no chuudoku desukara

Sumimasen. Akachan o kokoroshite, kuruma o karitemoiidesuka? Maiyoru, watashito nihon no tomodachi wa abonaku resu o shimasukara

Doyoubi ni party o shite moiidesuka? Party wa chotto tanoshii desuyo.

Hai. mochiron.

Watashito anatano musume wa DETO o shite moiidesuka?

Aa. Wkarimasu. Habakarisama.

Hai. Todomerimasu. Doumo Arigatoo.

Ja Mada (end)

So I ended up getting the scholarship for the summer study abroad. It covered the whole trip minus the tips and airfare. i hope I get my financial aid before the summer so I could buy the ticket with that money and not my family’s, because we’re poor and shit.

I had to degrade myself to get that scholarship though. Told them my mom could only work on the weekends and my sister worked at pizza hut. It’s not right though, even though I got the trip paid and it really WOULD be a special experience. But man, it feels weird cuz I rather go to Asia and learn their languages. That’s one of my goals: to learn Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hindu and Vietnamese or something.

People like to talk about themselves when they don’t exactly know the person they’re talking to that well. I’m too scared to talk to people, as you know. I need to learn how to open up, and not really on a good day to help me. It feels weird man. We all got issues whether it was cuz of fucked up family members or teachers or classmates that teased. Everyone was teased, but not everyone teased. That surprisingly made sense to me, not that it even means anything.


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