Posted: March 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

I don’t feel like doing shit. I feel like anything that I want to do today will be boring or I’ll regret doing it. When life gives you shit, sometimes you just don’t want it even though it ain’t bad. I feel weird about not having a job. Who gives a duck though. I feel tired as fuck. What was I gonna say? Anyway, I feel like a fat slob right now.

A lot of people feel like they have to interview someone that they like when they talk to them. If you have to ask qestions to find reasons to like someone, then you don’t like them. If you want to get to know someone, just go with th flow. this is coming from someone who hates the phrase ‘go with the flow,’ so do what I say damn it. I’ve gone through it too many times. There jst ain’t a possibility you’ll click w/ everybody. It’s the trth in my opnion and there’s no point in going throgh all that trouble just to feel like you like someone’s inside cuz you like their outside. Those people got people they can click w/. So do I. People are weird like that, bt I guess I realized that I can’t like everyone, but that don’t mean I should hate everyone.

Be with the ppl you feel comfortable around. You should also respect ppl you don’t necessarlity click with. I don’t say mean things, but I guess it’s also important to not think those mean things either. I don’t know shit, is what I’m realizing. You think you’re confident bt you get into a group of people that are better than you and suddenly you hate yourself.

I just want me to be better than me. I’m never going to be perfect at everything, like Pokemon. There aren’t too many pokemon that are all around good with stats. My Poliwrath has a high speed, defenses and attack but it lags it in special at. My Raikou has unbelievable speed and Sp. Atk but sucks in every other category. I like these Pokemon cz they’re good all around:

Typloshion (Fire)
Miltank (Normal)
Metagross (Steel/ Psychic)
Xatu (her Sp. Def sucks though) [Pyschic/Flying]
Dragonite (Dragon/ Flying)

I like my Poliwrath. I want that to be my team. It’s hard deciding on a perfect team, which is why yo should have nore than 6 and just make a good basis for different opponents. What’s the point in having just a rock type though. Hybrids are pretty cool, unless it’s Ground/ Rock, or Fire/ Ground, or Dark/ Ice. That’s just asking for rape on the battlefield, not to mention Flying/ Water, but Gyarados IS pretty strong to take it. Typhlosion needs a move to kill ground types… Ground types usually have low special defense though. I hate the new games. I got sed to teaching starters thunder or ice punch to kick all kinds of pokemons asses.

Any pokemon with high defense attack and speed are alright with me. Xatu is good in that department. Took me a while to realize, though. I want a Spiritmomb. Also, a pokemon that knows an Ice, Electric, Rock, and Psychic move are also kick ass. Not many pokemon could do that well, let alone do it in general. Maybe Gengar could do that. No, not a rock move. He DOES have high Special Attack, and Levitate… I need a Gengar too.

And I wish my Miltank had Scrappy since she knows Body Slam, I think. She knows Milk Drink, Rollout, and some other moves… RETURN, but it’s useless when I send her via Pal Park. Miltank is one of my all time faves.



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