Goals Goals Goals

Posted: April 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Deadlifts 5 repititions of 250 lbs xx
Squats 7 repititions of 150 pounds yy
Wide Grip Pull-ups 5 clean repetitions ww
Bench Press 5 repititions of 45 lb plates zz
Master form for Clean and Press xx
70lb barbell preacher curlz 8 repetitions ww
7 repititions for seated barbell military press; 25 lb plates zz
50 pushup max zz
25 situp max wxyz
9 min 30 sec mile run wxyz
100 lb dumbell walks for four directions wxyz
25 calve raises in a row; 40 lbs yy
8 barbell good mornings four sets pyramid; 90 lbs yy
Hammerstrength Row; 5 clean repetitions with 180 lbs ww
Incline DB press 5 repitions with 70 lb dumbbells zz
10 repetitions stiff legged deadlifts with 120 pounds yy



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