How to lose weight Fast as fuck….

Posted: April 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Oh yeah, well fuck you.

Why do you want to lose weight so quickly? I think it helps to not do it all in sch a short amount of time. If you are very unhealthy and your doctors really want you to lose weight; I understand, but what if you are my age (19)?

What the fuck is the rush? You don’t have to worry about dying just yet… I’m not saying you should wait until you’re 60 to exercise, dumbass.

Don’t become obsessed with your weight; I set goals for strength and endurance; weight loss comes with these things. I don’t focus on losing fat because that is a very visual way to judge your accomplishments and it will only screw you, a negative ass person, over all the time because you can’t see results every morning after you exercised.

Have you ever noticed your hair growing? Did yo notice how long it took to gain weight (or notice how long it took yo to realize that you aren’t even overweight)? Work hard yes, but don’t weigh yourself everyday hoping you lost five pounds only to realize you gained one and now all of a sudden your life is over…

You should find a friend to work w/ you. I’m still working on some old elementary school fat too man; aren’t we all…

I’m no diet expert (but a hypocrite) or a personal trainer, but I am a person that will say this: Why would you pay someone to lie to you when you can just turn on the TV or elect a Bush into office? Do me a favor and learn things by yourself with actual credible sources that will motivate you…
This is the one that got me kind of started:

It teaches you about veggies; it’s not the website for Whole Foods, which is this supermarket where only rich people shop because everything there is so darn expensive and organic. It’s WORLD’S HEALTHIEST FOODS DOT COM

and buy yourself running shoes, a barbell, and plates for that barbell. It took me 10 months to realize that all along I didn’t need a gym membership because I only used the treadmill and [eventually] the barbells… Buy a pullup bar too. It sounds like a lot, but it’s cheaper than… what 600 bucks a year? It all costs 350, including the shoes…

and idk it helps to have a professional trainer to help you figure out how to do it; I’m trying to do it on my own, it’s up to you though, not some nobody (me). And don’t stress so much; it won’t make you lose weight and will only worsen your issues. And plan realistically but not lackadasically…

Take Care


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