Posted: April 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

I can’t fit in with a group; a club. The type of person that will try to find a negative flaw in anything that seems like a good idea. So much shit has happened in my life, do to other people’s actions. I feel like I don’t have control and that others want to control me.

We all want to be right don’t we?
I want absolute truth
Why would I admit to have if you admit you have it?

I hate how shit is, but still I go on, life is fair at the same time. My Poli Sci teacher was right about proving the theories when they’re all partly true in their own unique ways…

Life can be beautiful; life can be bullshit
I wish for shit but I hesitate though, might regret it later.

How can you say you didn’t regret what you did regret?
How would I know if you are lying to me if you may be lying to yourself
Maybe even believing yourself?

What the fuck is going on in this world you know?
I don’t want people to tell me how to think or act; been there done that
Leave me alone because everything exists

I need to free my mind, see what makes me and everyone happy. EVERYONE.
Argument exists. Compromise exists. Which comes before huh? Does it take a genius?

Is a genius, because everyone else was stupid?
Is a genius because everyone else went to go get high? Or fuck?
Or hear false shit coming out of false people?
Don’t believe in the lies that you hear but the truth that lies within GOD
and within YOU. If you listen to the wrong people long enough

horrible shit will start to come true and you’ll end up a dumbass
One with the belief in the concept of an “IQ”
It was all childhood too.


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