Society has failed me; What I truely need

Posted: April 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

I need salvation from God and His son Jesus Christ; this is true. This is because this world is not what people want it to be. Have you ever been trapped or locked into a place you didn’t want to be in? That’s how I feel now. I want the Lord to come and evacuate me form this bullshit ass life that I don’t think anyone is happy withm but a life we’re too used to ever not accept as false.

I want to know God because He doesn’t feel trapped with us, He feels we are trapped without Him and vice-versa. The spirit that I wish to have has different goals than I do, because my society is fucked up. Reality isn’t.

Look. You have a life. You do shit, whether you go to school, have a job, are a mother or a child, or maybe none of the above. I bet you feel something missing in your life right? Or that you are not living your life but the life that came from this model of an American or American-life fmily or even existence. For some of you this is not what you want. Yo aren’t allowed to escape your place for the most part if you have that many responsibilities, I think, at least not permanently.

I’ve realized that it is not my destiny to screw over but that it is Evil’s destiny to jam this concept of what happiness is in me. My destiny is unknown in the context of my reality right now. My destiny is to be closer to the Reality of All that Is and not what I’m living in now; some close-minded garbage bag of cultural goals that try and trick me into thinking a finite amount of junk will make me happy. It’s just not true. I should’ve learned from this years ago!

“The truth is boring.”

-Nadya Suleman’s reflection of the media’s opninion of “reality.”

This-THIS- is fueling your disdain for life. Boring really keeps us alive and unproud in a perfect world God, but dissatisfies us in an evil world, Sir. Thank you…

Question for God:
Who wrote the book of genesis. When did they write it? Who edited it after and in between all of these years and why? If I had any superpower it would go back in time/ not space. I would go back in min-time and solve this You darn mystery. I sense something weird about this Eve eating the fruit concept; I think it was a guy did. From what I see in my world, a man wants to be like God more than a chick would want to., which leads me to believe Adam ate the fruit first, but the writers didn’t want women to have the power so they said Eve did it and used that as a means to always be dominant for ages and ages to come. They took the biological superioritiy and ran with it, for so long know that dring this culture this kind of shit would still go down…

Just a stupid thought I had.


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