Crazy as fuck

Posted: May 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Have you ever been in a public place like a bus or a library and there was this one crazy ass dude or lady who talked to themselves, smelled, and made weird noises at the same time?

The problem with this shit is the media makes these people out to be from the same race. Crazy as fuck is in EVERY race though, every age and every gender. Crazy people are just plain ol’ fucking crazy if you asked me. They have feelings too though, or do they? I don’t know; the dude in the library keeps switching tasks.

He starts out by taking a sharpie and writing on his pants with it. His pants are tight and stretchy and shiny. Probably something Madonna or Cher would wear, or ANY person with no last name I guess. Then he yells out crazy people laughs and shit. He has all kinds of tattoos all over his body and face. I’m guessing he won the lottery and went crazy with all that money- literally. He’s still laughing- inhaling Why is he being so noisy? He also randomly pulls out his…

harmonica and starts playing it for like two notes and he keeps opening and closing some CD case. It doesn’t bother me. Why? Because I’m not doing shit, that’s why. Didn’t get into Berkeley. It;s okay. The only reason I wanted to go there was to escape and cuz I visited that place before/ wasted shitload of money on bullshit that I no longer need/ regret getting. I could’ve bought a foreign child w/ that money… spent it on hotel room and a jacket for crying out loud.

I’m calm and content for the most part. I love leaving my home. Where could he have afforded all that hair dye? Don’t tell me his hair is naturally orangy orange colored! I’m being mean right now, and the God I belive in don’t like it when I think or write shit like that so I’ll stop even though it’s hard. I wanna look up a bible verse that says something about no stone staying unturned or something…

I’m sorry couldn’t help it. he talked and it sounded normal as fuck and I’m tired of his antics. Gonna leave….


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