Surfing the net

Posted: May 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Why the fuck am I looking at my school’s clubs?
I hate school clubs

I wanna job. I need a job so my mom doesn’t have to work for old ladies.
My reality is hell and feels like it too.

Did I do evil shit in the past life or something?
It’s not fair if I don’t remember.
Why did you do evil shit in past life?
I’m the one who has to live w/ it now you piece of shit.

How can you believe in karma when almost everyone hates their life/ life situation?!?!?!

Do people hate it when there are too many people around?
Long lines, having to bob and weave so everyone can make it through?
Or having to wait for someone to stop using the… whatever object it is they’re using? Or when you’re trying to concentrate and there’s some noise being generated by someone else? Or when someone who didn’t show up to class the day before expects you to teach him everything while the sensei is talking about new shit. Now your tests scores get lower cuz of helping someone, bt at least you’ve reinforced the old shit.

John, have YOU ever heard of a text book– it’s a great teacher…?

You got me there.


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