NOT SURE/ To the Library and Beyond by David Newman

Posted: May 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

I was thinking about whether today was the best day of mt life or not. I told myself this was the best day of my life because I asked God if He could be with me and follow me around the whole day so I wouldn’t do anything mean. It worked but it was kind of hard. He of course accepted my request and so I hopped along to school with Him by my side.

A lot of the times the music I was listening to was angry music that made me imagine doing horrible stuff to horrible people but He told me to stay with Him and I said okay. Other of times, I was sitting with people I know and one of them is very annoying to me. At one point they all left to go see something and did not invite me and you can tell the annoying one did not want me to go, because he knows I’m right about him being annoying.

I was very sad and felt neglected, but I remember that God was with me and that was more than enough company. SO I went to study for my Japanese exam because I knew it would be very hard. I forgot about all the negative things that those people made me feel when they left (at least they said bye though).

So I took the test and left class and here I am now. I was working on a short story, but I ran out of the rhythm that I had when I started, although I thought it was okay. I got the inspiration to write a story because I found a piece of paper that was a story and read it. Boy was it written in a lame way. My writing style is not an obvious one. It changes from time to time and ultimately depends on who the character is. The only reason I like reading is because I love falling in love with characters of a book and making them into my friends. Friends that I may not agree with, but friends that I think are very important to have around.

Anyway, the story is gonna be about a guy who is from Mexico (my parents are from El Salvador though) and lives in America with his grandma, taking care of her. His sister lives in his neighborhood with her son. his nephew that he loves very much. And the story is ultimately about a favor that Human’s nephew asks, and the journey that Human goes through to make He and his nephew happy. here’s the link; bye…

PS I want to also write a story about a dream I had about this gym around ocean park where they fought to and where I felt accepted and the trainer guy who wasn’t mean but was very mean looking, like a UFC fighter but one that was a person.


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