Posted: May 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

I feel motivated do work hard in school. I wanna go back to my to do list. Went to the AAP Transfer Scholr’s Day today @ UCLA so I’m really excited to be going there this fall.

The only thing about life is that there’s always this one big thing that gets in the way; mine is money, I mean lack thereof. My financial aid was denied for my last year of CC, which is horrible because I needed it to do study abroad. So I will go to the f.a. office to tell them I did my shit and that they were wrong.

Everyday I checked the damn mail for that award letter and check. And all I get is a letter denying my financial aid because i didn’t “help them determine my eligibility.” I DID help them I write the damn statement they asked for.

At least money is the only thing holding me back. No one’s rich anymore these days anyway. Visiting that campus is helping me be very positive. I am a very lucky person who is aware that life does suck more than it rocks- for all of us. I hope there are people out there that are trying to make my life, my family’s life, my people’s life much more financially secure.

When I think about it, money gets in the way of everyone: whether you don’t have it, or when it’s all you have and nothing you have satisfies you.

My dream is to not get shot in my 20s. It is also to live my life for the people that have to wake up to constant bullshit in their lives every single fucking day; never getting a break; never not dealing with a problem or stress. People who contemplate suicide because they feel even in hell you’re better off.

People who can’t relate to anyone. People who have no one to go to. People that suffer quietly trying to realize what it is life is for. Life is for everyone. NOt all of us are gonna have it all. Some of our bodies turned out shitty physically and or mentally. Some of us were born into an impoverished life; some born into the wrong environment, constantly running into death or some time of grappling struggle.

I want to take the burden off of those people, the ones who feel like they have nothing to live for and feel like no one cares. This is why I hate politics because you forget about realistic shit.

Sociology does that for me. People always ask me what I can do with it; as if it were some kind of weird contraption. I know just learning about it is doing something with it. Being able to zoom out and view the world for what it is in everyone’s perspective is also why I go for it. Seeing how little shit in your life shapes your perceptions, shapes your future and role in society. Learning about shit people take for granted. I love Sociology. And I doubt that’s ever going to change.

If you don’t know what to major in, choose something that you think is a part of you. Choose something you wonder about a lot. Go into college with the idea or fantasy of being a doctor, architect, lawyer, astronaut and realize that’s not even close to who you are (maybe) and find that missing piece, the shit you can study that has always been waiting for you. Mine is Sociology. Yours is WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT IT TO BE.

Sociology is good for me. I’ve always had a weird connection with people, often wondering why the fuck they do the shit they do. Thinking about the shit they did that went against what they believed to feel a sense of happiness when all it is is being miserable.

I love sociology because it’s for the non-traditional people. The people that don’t give a flying fuck how much they make, how smart or stupid they are, how black brown or white they are. I feel like Soc. majors have the ability to see from a more non-human perspective. They see people not from the lenses of their race, or socioeconomic status, or even gender. I feel like a human shaped thing that does people type stuff.

People are pretty awesome. I mean I have plenty reason to hate them but at the end of the day you just gotta say,

“Fuckin’ human beings.”


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