Old shit I miss/ don’t have to miss….

Posted: May 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

I miss drinking soda on a cool day. Not soda from a bottle, but from one of those fast food places; the kind of the lid with the buttons.

Anyway, today I went to Catholic Church for the first time in like five years. Mass is a hell of a lot quicker than it used to be; crazies are prominent in the public library. The guy told the crazy teen that he has too much work andf he can’t listen; I’m tempted to tell the kid whose probably my age to talk to ME so he won’t feel shut down and inferior.

Anywho, there weren’t as many people as there USED to be in church; people are coming less and less I guess. Back in the day, I went to church and it all went in one ear and out the other. Same thing today, but in a different way. It went by sosososslow back then. Also, I was more inclined to stare at hot chicks from where I was sitting, with the “Padre” conducted his sermon. Didn’t do that today; all the hot chicks were gone, at least, they might have went to the 10:30 mass.

I didn’t want to stare at any of the chicks today. They were either mothers or girls in their mid-teens, neither of which I am attracted to. I’ve always been attracted to chicks that are or look about 1 to 4 years older than me. I never was interested in dating younger women, and I hope I don’t become that 58 year old man trying to ‘get at’ a 26 year old.

Back in church, it seemed as if everyone grew older, and the new kids were of few. This was a surprise to me. It all seemed rather rushed I guess, before it seemed excruciatingly slow. EXTRUCIANTINGLY slow.

During the sermon, the PADRE talked about how he needed to pass cards that we were to fill out. He said he needed them so he could determine how many families went to his church, and that he would use this for purposes of sending to another church so they can combine the total number of people who went to their churches. He said that their info would remain confidential; that he would not put their info on a commercial, I think; I don’t know I zoned out here and there.

Didn’t learn much, probably because the service was in Spanish. It was something about the pentecost and tongues, and how we all share a similar spirit even though we all different on the outside; like I said, didn’t learn anything new.

I did learn about how time changed and how it doesn’t mean time changes things. A lot of women were singing, but I just can’t get over how fast the service felt. Mothers slapping their children’s laps because of their disturbing the service; children retaliating with their OWN small act of violence. Some whisperers are loud, people; whispers shouldn’t be louder than when you talk.

Anyway, things change. But I thank my mom from the bottom of my heart that she goes to church to celebrate the Lord. I think that’s the main reason why things have never gone too terrible for us, to the point where there was no way of fixing some mess. We’ve always found a way. Thanks to her. Thanks to her…

I love my mother a lot. And I’m glad my father at least is present in my life and not a violent person, even though he doesn’t care to help us out; he was still… “there,” and that’s better than not being anywhere in sight. I love my family even though it can be hard for all of us to genuinely embrace one another’s presence when we are all together. It’s weird though. We’re more like friends instead of family, but we are family in a different kind of way, but with unconditional love regardless. we just don’t see it until it matters, in my family.


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