Noisy people are everywhere

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Loud is not the same as noisy. Loud is volume, noisy is shit like weird coughs, tapping of the fingers ectcetera (sp?)

Anyway, I’m hungry as fuck poor as fuck. I’m not homeless though.
I appreciate everything I have, regret all of the evils I have comitted and seek to become a more loving person.

In this world, it’s hard to be loving when so much holds you back. It’s fine though; I’ll try to find a way…

The girl that is sitting next to me in the computer’s libraries has a facebook. Watch me go on her facebook and then she sees my screen and says “Why the fuck are you looking at my facebook, and how do you know my name?”

Have you ever met a certain someone every three years and always felt like they never remembered you. That’s why I avoid people- it’s awkward (sp?)

That coughing girl (NOT sitting next to me) sounds like she’s dying. What should I stare for, as if that would reduce the noise…

I feel bad for the people who have to sit next to people that cough that much/ that loud. Feel even WORSE for the person doing all that coughing.

Why are people staring? How can peoplebe so distracted when they’re on a computer? Why are people so NOISY?? AND WEIRD…

Why am I so critical and hypocritical about it? I always feel people shouldn’t judge each other based on genetic shit, but how should I know how to distinguish what they’ve inherited genetically from the rudeness of them, the negativity.

But remember: The negativity does not come from them but from within. But damn why do you have to be so noisy in a public fuckin’ setting…

I know, I know… sorry

PS Everyone sounds sick for some reason. Why are they sick?
I hope they feel better.

I need to leave; there are people waiting to use a computer and I’m just sitting here, starving and wasting my and their time…

Bye (I’m hungry).


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