Fukk Presidents; Why I procrastinate.

Posted: June 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

I procrastinate most of the time & so do many other people. Why? Because we can get away w/ it. Take my Japanese presentation for example; it’s due this Friday. I could work on it today, Tuesday, but what the fuck for if I have like 3 more days; it’s probably not even that hard though. Thank goodness I have no papers left… yep… Papers makie life suck ballz even more…

Anyway, fuck presidents. How the fuck has there only been a old rich white dude ass president. I know Barack Obama’s dad if from Kenya and I get that makes him Black, but really? He probably grew up in the same private schools his competitors went to… Harvard etc.

The point is throughout US History there’s only been wealthy old white christian presidents. How the fuck is a rich old white gonna give about anyone but himself? They owned slaves, plantations, were lawyers; how the fuck are they gonna run a country where 99% of ‘their’ ppl are poorer than them? I get they’re “experienced” but only because they’re so priveleged. For example, how the fuck did GWB get into Harvard business school? His daddy. We act like this dude was intellegent enough to have gotten in; clearly he is not that bright, although he may be good at other things…

Anyway, how can a rich old white guy with generations before his with power ever understand me, represent my country, represent all the people with one thing on their mind when they wake the fuck up: “Fuck life man.”

How is a rich dude gonna know what it’s like to be poor, or Latino, or black, or a woman, or a war veteran, etc. ? I don’t know why the fuck we have to vote for who they want me to vote for. FUCK THAT; I SHOULD BE PRESIDENT. HAVE THEM SEE WHAT ITS LIKE TO HAVE SOMEONE 200000 times different than them lead their country. I wouldn’t let ANY corporation shove a stick up MY ass or make me suck THEIR dick.


And NO I won’t take this one back like i did with my other one; not even if you paid me in … who am I kidding. I’ll just photocopy this shit…



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