Who is God; what is his nature and stuff?

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

My heart always goes out to God. Without God, I don’t strive to do all that I can. Without Him, there is no sense of respect and love for society. If everyone stopped believeing in Him, we’d all be fucked in my opinion.

Anyway, I want to thank the Lord for putting up with my thoughts, my feelings of doubt and fear. I want to try harder to pleasse Him and Hids kids. They may be in another world seperated from time and space, or they may be in this earth at this time. I need to focus on being aware of all of them and what not.

So I wanted to say sorry to God, thank you to God because He’s always there for me, He never stops believing and has taught me why it’s so important to belive in something and never let it go no matter what comes your way, even if that obstacle is your very soul.

Keep fighting, praise God and have faith in Him, yourself, and everyone else. It will all be okay one day.


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