When I’m down or mad…

Posted: June 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

I feel like I shouldn’t feel that way. That feeling you get where you think everyone hates you and that you hate them too. It’s paranoia though, but it remains in your system like crack.

It’s hard to be positive when your mind seemingly chooses not to. I want to feel positive, won’t that help? My mind feels like it has this umbrella of worry, anger and negativity shrouded my gray and black clouds- with red mist swirling around as if I had an evil mind.

When you want to feel a different feeling you end up thinking too much. I think way too fucking much.

But this system sucks. My ass is coming after CEOs, lobbyists, Senators, etc. with a fucking brute force that they’ve never witnessed before. I have a feeling everyone BUT them hates capitalism.

Sure we as a nation wouldn’t be as rich if we lowered the level on this corporation based society. But we as people suffer from what this shit does- it pulls us apart, makes us get mad at the wrong people, is a basis for inequality. And I AM gonna do something about it; just you watch, punks.


I guess when I’m down i just bask in my negative brainial environment until something cool happens. I just hate money so much; it’s always just about money in this country. Life is so much more than that. God rather us love each other and not stress so much. Maybe this system IS doomed one day. But for the better…

& I think about all the times in the future that I may be rejected for my race- shit I can’t even determine, symbols for what? You can’t determine SHIT from race. You can’t HATE someone because they’re skin is a darker shade than people with power. FUCk this. Racism won’t be over for a while. But I’m not gonna let this shit get to me. Being a minority in this racist ass country will only make me stronger, more determined and passionate to make everyone’s life not suck anymore.

Take that you racist pieces of shit that conveniently run my fucking country. FUCK ALL Y’ALL. BEcause I live in a world where meaningless shit means something- my race, my last name, my lack of assets. This culture sees me and any other minority as a criminal, a fuck up, a drug addict, a dumbass. Based on shit that has nothing to do with intelligence. These stereotypes are based off of fears of a weak few with a long history of power that will soon- SOON- deteriorate. This I promise.


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