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Loveless Loser?

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s no secret I’m kind of a non-conformist. KIND OF. I still do a lot of what seems to be very mainstream and capitalistic behavior.

But my heart goes out to those who… nevermind I can’t do this anymore.

Anyway, I’m thinking of flaking out on this Bible Study group that meets over by the clock tower if I see some ppl I haven’t seen in a while. I have to donate blood today too. And my ass better get a free T Shirt.

I’m hungry

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today is supposed to be awkward. I don’t want to leave because that means not running into people I would have usually run into. I’m hungry.

If I was a popular kid, I would probably be driving to some gokart whatchamakalit with a girlfriend who looks like she works at Hooters. But I’m not and I love it.

I want to get a good price on a dumbell, but I shouldn’t get a new one until I have mastered the 45lb one. My goals is to do 10-12 pullups with that weight. My goal is to also get a bachelors degree before I attempt anything. I’m hungry.

I also dream of going to all kinds of different places in the world- for free. I think if I want this later on in life as well, I am going to have to get a PhD to either afford traveling or get like a lot of offers to go… great someone is making weird noises in here… to Asia, Latin America, Africa, etc. I’m not very into Europe, which makes sense to me. I like exoticish places because I’d feel like the people wouldn’t have much in common with me, which would lead us to talk more and more, but it is hard to say.

If I become a rich bitch, I will buy rosetta stone and play it until I learn Japanese completely and then go to Japan for like three months or so to do some kind of report on them or something. Not like a spy though. Spies are the kind of ppl with inside jokes and I’m not too big on inside jokes OR killing people.

I kind of miss being in Latin America with that group and all, but I don’t miss the hostel we stayed in- not even any windows and horrible sleep. I had a dream I almost had sexual intercourse with the Antichrrist, which was that lady that assassinated Selena, and then I changed my mind.

Being in a large group for like 3 weeks taught me that you know people have all these little negative qualities about them but if you really care about them, you’ll love those little things in a weird sort of way, because that’s how you can tell their personality apart.

Too much inebriation though. It’s gotten to the point where I use the word INEBRIATED with the word DRUNK. They were always saying how someone had gotten “INEBRIATED…”

I’m kind of hungry and pretty girls make me want to get off of my computer so they could stop walking around and use it, or so they can smile towards me when I give up my seat, and maybe-just maybe- say “Thank You.”

That would make me feel there. it really would. I hope I get to see the people I usually run into. I’m kind of babbling on and on to kill time because I think the next set of classes ends at 12:20 or so, which is kind of soon. I will checkle. I am hungry, which is weird because I’d like to think I ate a rather large breakfast.

Friends want to sit next to each other and I should leave.