Fall Skej; Fear of …stuff

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Web 286324200 AN N EA M104 LEC 1 LG 4.0 E 60 15 TR 2:00P-3:15P HAINES A2 ALLRED, L.B.
Web 347303200 SOCIOL 101 LEC 1 LG 5.0 E 150 30 MW 10:00A-11:50A BUNCHE 2209A HART, M.N.
347303203 SOCIOL 101 DIS 1C NG 0.0 E 25 M 3:00P-3:50P DODD 178
Web 347710200 SOCIOL M176 LEC 1 LG 4.0 H 120 06 MW 1:00P-2:50P HAINES 220 ROSSMAN, G.
347710205 SOCIOL M176 DIS 1E NG 0.0 W / 2 20 W 3:00P-3:50P PUB AFF 2238

Alright well I’m scared of asking girls out and it’s not that it’s not fair it’s just I’m very immature when it comes to teen traditions in our culture.

The only think I’ve taken advantage of in my age in this country was voting for that asshole Barack Obama who probably promised us shit but face it he’s in it for his little group what else is new

Anyway, I don’t know how to drive, I’ve never worked, uhm, all that ‘lovey stuff.’

It’s all one big mess of a deal but the fear is the one that I’m pussying out on. I’m afraid to hate myself for it in reality I don’t give a shit if I haven’t done all that teenager shit yet. I’m 20 and going to a bomb ass school asshole; you can suck my wicker basket if you feel I’m being a little bietch.


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