this week on Da Jon show

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ok so randomly a friend from my study abroad trip wanted someone to come along to ‘Burning Man 2010’ and I said I’d go and I’m going tomorrow!!

I tend to feel REALLY guilty when offered a good opportunity because I know there’s a lot of ppl out there with kids, or jobs; however, this is an opportunity I didn’t want to let slip away because well it seems like a new experience and shit.

I doubt I can explain what it is cuz a lot of people who’ve been can’t say what it is. I imagine it’s a festival witha lot of cool shit, and art and music and dancing and food and happiness, which is english for a big celebration.

I really should learn more about it but what better way to actually go!!!
I hope I actually go… I’m already packed and they said they’d pick me up tomorrow. I have to be sure I answer the phone tomorrow… I hoep they don’t call when I’m in the tank.



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