This is udder bull’s hit

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Fuckin financial aid office. At least I didn’t have to reach the whole line before they said that food stamp attachment had to be in English to be official. How the fuck can I get it translated if they caught us lyin??

I just want my fee waiver to not wait in a bullshit ass line to get a virtually free education/ bus pass.

I’m not into conspiracy theories/ socialist perspectives but man sometimes you just gotta fuckin hate this bullshit ass economy and system of power. People not wanting me to finish school and be powerful. People who want to rake in the dough by not letting people have insurance cover some shit cause it’d cost them. Just a lot of bullshit ass strategies and programs dedicated to keeping 99% of the population fucked over.

Ever since Burning Man I’ve been more open to curse when I write, maybe even in my speech, but I think it’s just come from being tired of all of this. But no worries. I’ll find a way to translate that document. I’ll find a way to graduate college and not be $$140,000 in debt after getting an education that is still not very unlimited.

And I’ll find away to screw powerful people over. I’m thinking of just straight up brainwashing prisoners into taking over and all I’ll do is just fuckin make the doors not work w/ electricity or something. It’s possible. It really is.

And that has taught me to not stress out about the little things like long lines and obstacles like me and stuff.

So yeah, you can do whatever you want you know. I don’t mean go against gravity without an engine n shit, but just some really important stuff and goals. Money gets in the way though. I hate money when I don’t have enough. It’s a bitch.

See, I think I get it now. Even when you have a shitload of money and or power, you still have to prevent it from getting away from you. Think about the Supreme Court guys. If some rich ass anti-abortion gave em a shitload of me, how the fuck can they say no to that? The more money they have the less likely they’ll lose all of it, I think. Or super rich people’s views on Socialism. If I was rich as fuck, why the heck would I want things to be different? That’d just mea I have to share. And in America, well, we just don’t play that.

SO I guess you have to convince enough people who giving and loving and sharing is the shit?? I’m not sure if this is possible because of evolutionist theories and stuff. I guess you just have to realize what I have:

The point of my reality is having all the power you can, whether it is represented by office, cash, fame, whatever you know? I kinda want power and hope that I’ll share that shit.

If I had all the money in the world and I was too old to really enjoy it, I’d just… I guess that wouldn’t make sense. If I was the only human being with money, how the fuck would the world work??

Se how deeply rooted we are?? To not be able to visualize reality without something that doesn’t have to do anything with life on Earth. It’s not like we’d all explode without money right????

This whole money-doesn-exist shit is getting complicated… But that’s the point. The more you realize how you need it, the more you make powerful people happy. If you didn’t give a fuck, I think they’d start to feel scared.

Sometimes I wish the president and his sponsors would read my shit and piss themselves. I don’t really care about them though, but not in the apathetic way.

I need to learn their names. I’m down to go to DC right now and talk shit to that guy. But like I said, all that shit takes money…


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