Posted: September 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Darn it. I need a proof that I got food stamp in English, but they denied it at the welfare office cuz my mom lied about collecting cans and not working.

And I need that food stamp paper to be in English so that I can turn it into the financial aid office so that I don’t have to pay 320dollars to send my transcripts to UCLA so they’ll release the holds they have on my enrollment fuckkk!!!

So my plan is to call the finanical aid office and either tell them I made a mistake on the application or tell them to please accept my spanish food stamp approval. It sucks! I’m going to try and get this done tomorrow though. I hate it because my sister doesn’t like dealing with that kind of stuff.

You know what I’m tired of all this shit. I know I’m supposed to be positive or whatever but all this is ridiculous; I just want my education I’m a good person right?? Wtf?

I hate this damn building the damn government I just want my castle I just want my dreams I just want to not live in a paper prison.

I don’t drink or do drugs, I got accepted to a good school. I;m not in a gang or a scene, I don’t kill people for a living. I just want to help people out but what good is it if my government is headed by a group of people whose reality is dedicated to protecting all the power and money they have and not sharing and not wanting the masses to be educated and instead subjucated- it’s bullshit and I’m down to resist and oppress right back. Just watch. Just you motherfuckin watch.


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