Celebrities & Society

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Okay so it’s no surprise that I’m a Southern California resident. This means I live in a region of the world that centers itself on entertainment media: things and people into film, advertisement, music, and whatever else.

Now these days I don’t mean to sound cruel, but a lot of people (especially young women) have taken a liking to celebrities and their lives. I live in a state that turned a celebrity into a Governor.

It’s just there are a lot of chicks that are almost obsessed with some artists and imagine themselves being around them and shit.

I’ve been reading this book called Power Elite and it says there are celebrity figures made so that mass society can be distracted from knowing who the powerful are and stuff. I think it is more important to know- I mean to REALLY know- who our Senators are, our president, CEOS and Board of Directors for very powerful corporations, and people who control the military industrial complex.

I think I should do these things. I mean maybe these powerful people don’t want me to know who they are, but they can’t guarantee that.

I guess I shouldn’t give up on POWER ELITE. And I guess I shouldn’t spend so much money… or focus on things not worth focusing on. I just need my education.


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