Posted: September 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

So I’m in UCLA now and yesterday night was this BruinBash thing, apparently a big deal. So I went along with my journal to observe and write, because I knew that would have been the only way to enjoy it.

It featured artists that people have heard of but do not listen to. I enjoyed being there though, even though I didn’t feel like a part of it. I really loved seeing people there having fun. Love seeing people having a good time with each other.

Yesterday, Chak and I went to the school’s gym to play basketball with strangers; I am HORRIBLE at team sports, but sometimes it’s all about spending time with people.I met a couple of Graduate students from Taiwan and hopefully they will visit our dorms. I love meeting people from other countries because you learn a lot about the world without having to read or hop and a plane. And sometimes learning about a country is best done by talking to someone.

Today , I can tell, will be filled with a tremendous amount of activity. Later today, there will be all sorts of dorm meetings and such.

“Ya might think ya happy with him, but thass a lie,
So give this thug a tryyy.”

Yesterday I also met one of my new neighbors, who had a cough, but wore a surgical mask. We walked throughout our floor, trying to remember people’s names without knowing who they are, which was strange. We met:

-Kat (again)
– Ingrid
So, we met quite a few people which was great! Hopefully I meet very special people here. Yesterday I realized that I may not fit in with most of the people at the concert/ school, but I will find very special people, maybe just a handful, that I become good friends with.

That’s it for now. I feel very clean. And I am very grateful for God and my family and important people in my life for helping me out

Oh; incidentally, I wanted to start a mailbox outside the door of my dorm and on the whiteboard over it, I would write:

Question of the Day

And then I’d write the question. And other days I would ask them to put a handwritten poem inside, or anything on their mind, etc.

I think that’d be a really good idea. I’m listening to 2Pac now, and he was right, Heaven Ain’t Hard to Find; all you got to do is look. That means even though you may be going through a rough time, you can look at another aspect of your life and be thankful. Right now, the last thing I feel like doing is thinking negatively.

I may go to the student store later on to purchase a map of the world to put in my room. 😀

By the way, what does DTF stand for? There was a sign on the door next to ours with that acronym, and under it was a sign up sheet with many girl’s phone numbers. Anyway, the sign isn’t there anymore.


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