Me Against the World?

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Sometimes I feel like everyone is against me
But these are insecurities stemmed from
Bad experiences and paranoia
Wrought by a superficial and competitive society
And in the useless shallow sense
where it hurts to look at pupils in their pupils.

It is just a man-made conspiracy
That keeps me and others alienated
They teach us we’re not good enough
Unless we become superior; therefore
We never have equaity
And we’re left to feel like we just can’t relate.

That’s how I felt, and still do.
And it’s just strange because I am so aware
And still I fear talking, getting to know people
Knowing they won’t hurt me.
And their “actions” are nothing more
Than selective perceptions
And the filters that come with subjectivity

I want to be more like the God I believe in,
And just love people you know
It’s only hard because I make it this way.
Or is it the world around me


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