Posted: October 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

I love you for always being there for me. My problems went away because I put my faith in Your hands and keep steadfast in my personal faith.

The thing about faith is that even though it’s universal for everyone, my definition or use of the word is different than how most Christians or non-believers use it. People who don’t believe in God see faith as believing in something that is not based on fact or empirical data. And some Christians or Catholics or pretty much anyone with a religion say faith is some kind of LEAP or may use a connotation that may explain that faith is taking some sort of risk and just going with that.

I see faith as some sort of feeling that no matter what, the end result will be good, if you fail or succeed. It is realizing that you can’t really lose, because everything is and always will be permanently etched in time and space. Faith is something to be had about things that are out of your control.

You can’t really have faith that you’ll get an A on your Ancient Near East Exam, but you can have faith that you will try very hard and do your best, which in turn can only give you a great mark on your test.

I can only have faith in God, myself, and His children. I can’t have faith that a snake won’t snap at me and poison me; I shouldn’t have been messing with in the first place and well I’m dead in that case. Faith comes with pre-requisites and junk. You can’t just ask for it and expect to get it just like that. You know why? Cuz faith doesn’t really work. It breaks and you have to fix it by just believing. You take a broken alarm clock and stare at it until it works. I think that’s what faith is. Its foundation is failure and doubt and without it I don’t think you can have faith.

What I mean by that is that you have to be aware that what you’re getting into is highly HIGHLY unlikely and in a way tests how badly you want it or if it’s best for you. I think that’s why not many people win the lottery, because they don’t really need that money. It’d just rot their hearts.

But miracles, which I’ve only experienced once, take forever and faith is sticking to something no matter what. I’ll repeat that: STICKING TO IT NO MATTER WHAT. Like when you give a long ass speech and get shot. Right when you’re about to die, you realize that you’ll come right back up outta that grave.

That’s faith for ya. Never dies

Love You GOD!!!




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