FUCK Jimmy Carter and Fuck Bureaucracy

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

So today there was that Jimmy Carter book signing and I can’t fucking believe that asshole Jimmy Carter didn’t shake anyone’s hands. Did you know his Executive Order Hr 4079 explained that if ever there were a national emergency the government would go into the hands of FEMA??

Can you believe this piece of shit?! I’m thankful I got to see him and all, but Illuminati ass members want to take over the world!!

I’ll do something about it. And I won’t use fear nor will I ever let them know how, who, when, or where. Because they already know why, I will not have to go into the reasons. And unlike them, I will steer clear of violence. Words, documents and the evidence I have is sufficient.

The means in which I will accomplish these ends are pretty clear. Pretty much anyone who’s studied Sociology in great deal regarding institutions understands.

Illuminati: If I threatened you, would you seize me? Would the news say I did it to a member of this organization, or would they say I did it to a public official.


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