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This is ***** from your Sociology 176 class with Rossman. I know this is super last minute but I had a huge favor to ask you. Due to some personal things I’m dealing with I haven’t been really able to take good notes during lecture, or even start studying for the Mid-Term tomorrow. I was wondering if there is any way you can send me your notes, and I will make it up to you for the final. It would be a huge help.

******* ”

Okay so I transferred from SMC thinking that as soon as I got here everyone would be 50x more motivated, more determined and less likely to fuck around with their education. I’m not here to jusge whatever this person went through, nor do I know whether he or she went to see Prof. and got shut down and that’s why she’s comin up to me but hell no

there are also people if this person was lying, who have admitted to not showing up, falling asleep and expecting me to fucken help em out. I thought was competitive in the sense that only a few number of As are given, or that people would say NO to when you asked, not you know trying to fucken freeload off of my knowledge.

Anyway, I talked to this lady today before my History Midterms whose name is Melissa (it wouldn’t feel right to call her a girl) and thanks to the frikkintutoring session, I couldn’t go to her group’s water speech thing. Anyway, I hope I run into her again. She was nice and she actually was the one who talked to me… she was very pretty, the kind of pretty where you didnt feel less than them or higher than them; the kind where you felt safe. I hoped that made sense. and I hope that I see her again. She was sweet.

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