Midterms are over

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Now I can get my life in a rythym. I have all these goals and errands to do. here’s a list:

50 pushups
20 pullups
Write for scholarships
Catch up on Soc Readings
Plan Winter Classes
Take out loan perhaps
Look 4 a job
Read Behold a Pale Horse

Yeah so lately I haven’t been very active and this shit should be a start. But it’s all fun stuff; it’s not a list of chores. It should be fun more or less.

Oh yeah and today I’m going to a warehouse party somewhere. The sad thing is the mode of transportation is a, you guessed it, PARTY BUS. WTF?? Aren’t we already going to one? These days are so sad, kids my age do this thing called “pre-gaming” where they drink BEFORE they get to the party. I just don’t get it; heck I barely understand why they are drinking alcohol in the first place. Life is already beautiful enough. That’s just me though; I shouldn’t be judging them. If they want to drink they should go ahead and do it. I guess it’s just a part of the culture of it all.

Anyway, I’m going as a nerd, which just means I’m going to put on glasses and carry my BEHOLD A PALE HORSE copy and my journal WHICH I’M OBVIOUSLY GOING TO WRITE IN.



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