What will become of us

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

How long will we continue to live in this madness where people are stratified and kept from pursuing their dreams? Will I wake up every morning thinking about how while I slept His daughters were raped, or that His sons slain each other?

The future’s looking dim to me, and I don’t know what will happen. I guess we’re consuming and overproducing beyond any conceivable level.

Sometimes I wonder if all this exploitation of man and his world is a precursor, or a filter to a New World. I’m not sure. I just can’t bear to see my family struggle constantly to pay their bills, and survive. I know it’s not fair and I wish things could be different, I wish things could be better. I wish money wasn’t such an issue. I know there are ways we can get more but so many things get in the way, and I am tired of blaming anyone.

I don’t know if the poor will continue to struggle and the powerful will continue to oppress. I am trying to find peace with the world and embrace the present, which is perfect. I’m trying to appreciate this world. It’s just very hard. Our history and present day history is so full of anguish, corruption, the use of religion as justification for war, control, etc. we have made religion our God. But God has been before all of that. We need to practice the Lord and the real message he was to send us. To just be cool with everyone and not expect anything back. I don’t know if this will ever work/ if it’s too late now.

I just hope everything turns out well for every single one of us.

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