What I think People like.

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

So people are pretty predictable sometimes. I don’t mean that in a condescending way; I just mean a lot of us share certain things in common and you know it helps to acknowldge what these things are in hopes of I guess dealing with people better. It helps to know I’m equal to everyone else.

Anyway, I am just going to put what I like and what I think other people like.

I like it when people go up to me and talk to me. Maybe they won’t reject me, because I know I would never reject someone. I really wouldn’t. I really wouldn’t be mean, but I should try to ask people for their numbers more, especially girls that I want to be friends with; a lot don’t ask cuz it’s not a girl thing to do, and I should really ask. Not asking probably means for them that I never want to talk to them again but that’s not true. And I need to work on that…

And I think people like it when you are honest and open, or when you are being genuine. That’s something else I should work on. A lot of times when I’m in a group of strangers I act differently than who I really am; sometimes to try and be a part of their conversation. I’m learning topick my moments and people. For example, on my floor I had dinner with a lot of people who were already friends and I found myself trying to be a part of their memories by asking them questions and trying to crack jokes. But their bond was too strong to be infiltrated; their inside jokes older than my nephew.

So from that example I learned that some opportunities are best left not taken. I can’t bother trying to be their friend knowing it really didn’t work out before; that I should try and create new friendships rather than join old ones.

What else; I think people like it when you compliment their character, or some general physical attribute that may be a part of who they are, or what may make them unique, but in a good way. I think people like the genuine kind of compliments cuz I think they know when you’re saying it just cause or when you say it to make them feel special.

People like feeling special. I know I do…

i dunno what else people like. I wonder what girls like, or think. SOMEWHERE I WROTE that this quarter/ year I wanted to have a convo with a girl about girls and boys and what we think, are taugh to think/ want and how we act or deal with things. I have yet to do this.

Damn I need to find steady productive groove. You know you’re a serious blogger when you write:

“I need to find steady productive groove.”

I need to make more friends and talk to a lot more people as well. On Friday I will go to the movies with a few friends; on Saturday evening I will go to Marina Del Rey to the MAC; and on Sunday I will go to Westwood/ LA to look for some diamond ring. I hope I find it. I hope I find that DAMNED ring!!

I wonder if people like ‘stuff.’ Do I like stuff? Not really. I like writing, and I guess I need STUFF to write WITH like pens and journals… I like I like food when I am hungry, or water when I am thirsty. I think people like fulfillment. Like when they feel lonely and then someone comes to their aid to help. Yeah. I like that kinda stuff. People are very special creatures and I think they need love and affection and I feel I should give it to them.


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