All I have to lose is my chains

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Listen to this post while listening to Blue October’s “Somebody” (Live) because I feel like a potent mothefucker when it comes to realizing how much chaos just one person can cause when they lose all concepts of fear of the physical world as well as those who possess the power to manipulate it for their advantage.

Who is to stop me from starting a plot to overthrow these people in power. I am not saying I will, but that I can. You see I can stay in this position as a commodity for their taking or I can come to my senses and break the ties that bind me- the behaviors and ideas implemented in my head. I am property and a child of God and answer to no one but this entity which has love and respect for every living thing and completely rejects the evil instances in humankind.

Do I need an education? That would help. Not to obtain a levelk of legitimacy or to show other people I have the knowledge. My knowledge is limited to this educational system. there is a lot of shit out there that I will never learn in school that is WORTH learning in school. I don’t want your money to learn or to back away from certain items of intelligence. I just need strength, faith and courage. Everything else comes there after be it truth, love food, or water.

So if anyone reading this holds important power in this world, if you are in the most powerful governmental institutions such as the CFR or Bilderberg group; whether you own vast amounts of oil, manufacture warfare technology, you must snap out ofr your own calling of being superior to me and everyone else. You will soon learn that your methods to reaching a perfect world is quite flawed and I have faith that one day we will all awaken from our long and terrifying sleep.

I am coming very soon. That is all.


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