It ain’t right

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Racism and this whole array of different classes is all bullshit that makes me wanna cry sometimes.

You’ve got people thinking such a thing as inferior races exist, even eras where methodologies in scientific research were biased in order to persuade masses that there is a such thing as a superior race, when in reality race isn’t shit.

The goal of the Great Evil is to separate people into all these fucking categories, subcategories, sects, some EXTREMELY subtle. Think about it. Think about how many fuckin’ GROUPS of people. Sometimes I wait for the day were are divided to the point where we cannot relate to any other single person. I wait for this to feel right and to reverse this curse.

When you ahve so many distinctions of classes, then it’s hard to get a notion of who you controls everything, who can/ cannot be trusted. Our values slowly start transforming and deviating from one another. You’ve got Christianity, but zoom in a little: you’ve got all these sects from Methodists, to Evanglists, from Baptists to Anabaptists and so on. Even within ‘races’ there is a level of differences and discrimination.

So how can we possibly ‘unite as a people’ when we can’t even have equality with our equal physical attributes? We must realize that we are divided into two distinct groups, but they are not good and Evil. I say this because the Evil belive the Evil are Evil. And the Good will never admit to it’s Evils. So even if you DID narrow it down to two- owners and their subjects, both will justify their goodness with whatever bullshit they have.

So the two groups are people who control and the people that are controlled. And the point of me studying SOCIOLOGY is because it is a TOOL for me to see what is necessary for social change, and the methods used by the powerful to accomplish change.

Racism is an example of these ideologies. And apparently some people are thrilled of the idea that they can publicize their ignorance and insecurities by freely and unanymously posting their racist remarks into the powerful institution of the media.

But don’t you see? It’s just getting worse. The objects are getting more divided and the powerful are beginning to become more integrated. You’ll see the North American Union, the already existing European, then the Asian, then the African. It’s all going to lump together. And we’ll be too busy separating, becoming weaker, and guess where they’ll be.

A girl needs to use a computer, so I’ll leave.

Well, she found another one…

Anyway, we’re not much different from each other. Well we are obviously a species with high variations since we frikkin LIVE ON 6 CONTINENTS. But our ways of life, our relationships, cultures and their respective values have much in common. And we have to realize that so are our struggles.



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