This whole New World Order business

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

It makes sense. Not all the implications and functions of it, but the main idea is definitely going to happen.

You terrorize your own citizens through violence through a ‘3rd’ party until they do not mind having their rights and privacy taken over because it’s all in the name of ‘freedom’ and ‘saftey.’ It’s bullshit and it’s just worse how we are being controlled.

For the record, when I say controlled, I don’t mean brainwashed or numbed out via some nerve gases shooting out bus exhausts, or flouride in the taps. I just feel like my reality is centered so much on commercialism and the fact that everything I tend to run into or live by is part of a separate entity. That I am living a sort of life mold. You know what I mean? Evrything I use for everything is owned by either a politically enacted body or corporate bodies, and of course combinations of the two like banks and my education. From the news I get, to the toothbrush I use, to the music I listen to, from the food that I eat and water I drink, to the restrooms I use to the shoes I walk on.

I am really subjected to these interests and there comes a time or point where although we are dependednt of each other, one becomes more dependant; who can live without whom. Who has it worse, the one guy who doesn’t own a shoe for the corporations, or the corporations who are out one customer of shoes?

Don’t you see? Whatever name we give this entity, it is a product of some sick ass people going into this ideology that their superior and it’s not right. And they know we don’t care, that we don’t know that we are too afraid because they socialized us this way.

I know you are getting tired of this they. Just think about the top people of the spheres of Military, Politics, and Corporate control. And look at how they are all related to each other. Look at their agendas. You don’t have to call them the NEW WORLD ORDER or ILLUMINATI, etc. otherwise people won’t take you serious. It all dwindles down to the haves and have-nots, proletariat n bourgeoisie, and so on. The names we give them give them different labels.

Pretty much it’s the people that OWN machines, whether they can be seen machines or not. THE MACHINES ARE WHAT RULE THE WORLD AND THE OWNERS BY DEFINITION OWN THE WORLD MACHINE. THE MACHINE’S OUTPUT IS THE OWNERS OUTPUT. It means who ever owns the shit can control what comes out of it and the way you perceive all of it.

Like I said, ‘they’ own your food, water, electricity, clothes, education, news, music, time, money, land and its natural resources, the list goes on so I’ll call it necessities plus stuff.

You don’t OWN shit, you just by it. The point is that it is DISTRIBUTED to you every once in a while you keep it sure, but you don’t necessarily control the means of its production. Like your sandwich. You’re damn right you made that sandwhich, but who made the bread? Who ran the farms that killed that turkey, or that milked that cow? The government owned and subisidized farms. It’s the same governing and ruling bodies that run the banks, that are at the top at whatever organization you work for. Small businesses usually take out loans FROM THE BANKS.

There’s nothing NEW about this WORLD ORDER. The only thing that would change is it’s organization and degree of exploitation, kind of.

This is all speculation though, at least some of it is. I personally know I didn’t make that bread though. But anyway. should I become chipped, or SHIPPED, it will onl be after I’ve died from defending myself. And if all this one world order or bourgosie take over doesn’t exist anymore for whatever Holy reason, I’ll be glad, and then just live my life hanging out and contributing with my brothers and sisters AKA humanity and the world around me.

But until then, I’m keeping my eye out. And should force or global currencies/ identification be deemed reality, then I’ll just go ahead and stop it. Don’t ask me why or how I will do this because I honestly don’t know. Don’t worry though. A lot of people will help out you just have to learn BY YOUR OWN CURIOUS nature of who the true enemy is. You can’t rely too much on what’s on a screen because somebody owned that little kid who made it, and that same somebody or his distant relative controls the news.

So yeah I’ll take care of it should it happen don’t worry just don’t stop me though.


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