Posted: November 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

This entry is in reference to Michael Goodwin’s video on the loss of the freedom to fail

I write freedom with three E’s in memory of what freedom really is. Freedom means not worrying about who you are and what you believe in. Freedom is about making mistakes and about having the opportunity or ability to learn from it and not face the subjugation of ruminating in the past with guilt. It leaves no room for advancement and empowering oneself, which is the key and purpose of life and humanity.

The lenience and moral ineptitude that the government and it’s financial and political agendas set up may get in the way of our children, otherwise known as the future of this nation. The implications of the lack of challenge as well as financial limits to schools mean that children will soon no longer be able to think for themselves. Increased dependence of technology are beginning to implement passivity in the American public and one can only wonder what this means for freedom of expression and thought.

When I was a student in public school; I witnessed many children take standardized tests in which they would bubble in any answer and then put their head down, waiting for the instructor to collect their contribution to the school. The tests, as I understand now, measured the capabilities of the school, which shows that the individual needs of the child are not being given too much attention to. If this educational system doesn’t attempt to reward and encourage its younger students, then when it comes time for them to go to college, they will see no purpose in it. It is important to learn from failure, but when failure is not recognized and the student moves up in school, that is very detrimental to the schools and the children.

So in essence, we should be looking at ways for students to not only have a chance to make mistakes, which will motivate them to learn from these mistakes, but to also to address that they have made mistakes in the first place. Failure is not an option only when we know the repercussions of that failure. If we never have the freedom to fail, then success becomes a shadow of what it really should be.


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