Posted: December 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

“I mean, it makes perfect sense to just live for the now, and enjoy yourself. But in the end you die, and no one really remembers that time you passed a math test, they just remember you.”

I had googled ‘whats the point of anything.’ And in yahoo answers I found that quote. It was wonderful.

I asked Ruddy that questions and he agreed. I don’t really see a point in life if we DO die eventually. It’s much more than eating and making babies and Idk… people just want to be happy. I am REALLY sleepy right now but I have to write how I wish WAYY too much.

Anyway, That wuestion can help me. I’m sure life can’t be a bad thing. Most of the time our struggles are just not ending up homeless. All I really need is food, my family, and a home.

No I have to go to sleep. I’ll finish this later… It didn’t FEEL like a Monday…


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