God bless you, Ashley Mears!

Posted: December 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

I had a talk to my M176 TA and I was talking to him about what I wanted to go into should I go to grad school. I showed him my journal, the part where I wrote what I wanted to go into w/ research, which was low self-esteem and beauty; how things get beautiful, etc.

He made reference to sociologist Ashley Mears who is currently a professor at Boston University. She has done a lot of work with that kind of thing and through writing in my journal and being AWARE this part of the field exists, I really am interested in going to stufy this.

I love Sociology so much; and I love that beauty in culture junk too! What a better way to find happiness; to blend in 2 things yo u really like and be a part of them at the same time!

Let’s see. I guess my purpose for researching or the question(s) I want to answer mostly explaining not just how the media effects women, but to what effects the media or the ruling class to decide on what is beautiful. So really it’s mostly about culture, perceptions, etc. I think Sociology does a great job and unveiling the invisible forces that shape our social reality. You see, if I end up learning how what is preceived to be accepted in one field, then it probably wouldn’t differ in another field.

She talked about the financial housing bubble and how it’s also relatable to the fashion modeling industry, because no one really knowswhat’s valuable so they just look at what everyone else is doing. But if no one knows and if everyone is just copying everyone else, then wtf are they even doing in the first place; it just seems like they’re doing random shit or something and assigning value to it.

Maybe it’s like the Federal Reserve Banking system (which isn’t federal but a private institution). They straight up just print our currency out of thin air! Can you believe that?! $8,000,000,000,000,000,000 can be printed for like $2,000! And what’s worse is that you can’t really notice the inflation yet! One of these days this shit, this fake ass money is going to blow up in our faces. But don’t worry if you’re one of the owners in the banks; you will be protected by aid of the United States government. But really the question is to whether money is even real in the first place!

So if you take out the money of the status equation, that won’t change how much power these fuckers have! It’s not like they’ll just fire these people and put new people would put in; it’d be too late!

I have to do my own research in general though; all my info has been coming from sources that I can’t prove right or wrong, which isn’t pretty.

So in doing my own Sociological research I can learn how shit that is almost inconceivable can be put into physical data that can be peer-reviewed.

Anyway, Ashley Mears is cool and I’m going to read more of her stuff today!

Should have brough a sweater as it is getting cold around here. I hope I’ll actually finish that work by Erving Goffman and what not.

The worst thng someone can do to another person is ignore their very existence.

Or you can just eat their turtle. That works too!

Anyway, I like talking about low-self esteem because believe it or not it makes me feel very positive about lfe! It teaches me that sometimes we tend to believe negative irrational thoughts until the threshold of our ration mind breaks down and we actually believe that shit! It helps to appreciate the people you love, because chances are they love you back and that’s the most beautiful thing.

I need to work on my psychological abnormalities because they really DO get in the way of my well being. I think doing research- the sociological kind would really allow myself and others to see how the irrationaity originates in cultural institutions created by usually wealthy classes. It’s a very uplifting feeling to eventually lead to the collapse of the inherently evil latent functions of a social structure. The TV becomes a book and not a sleeping book or AVON catalog!

I think we live in a beautiful world with beautiful organizations. The only problem is that these small machines make horrible things with their potential and superiority. I think the world isn’t a bad place because we have everything we need. It’s when we want more and when we want to elevate our humanity as the source of our environment and as operators of the machine. I think as a collective human effort, we must really try and put ourselves in our place. We didn’t create this world, or ourselves. I think God ultimately did, whether it was through aliens or just a shitload of patience. We shouldn’t do more than what we can because we’d just end up fucking up all the time. You can’t get four cups of water and make a gallon out of it- a lesson I am hoping to put into practice. Setting realistic goals is key and the one thing that gets in the way is the part of us that thinks we can do whatever we can. I’m sure we can, but that doesn’t mean these goals aren’t always going to help [everyone].

I think it’s okay to be subjective and it’s only normal. But I don’t think it’s okay to admit that we aren’t when we really are. So if you are going to be subjective and claims things as fact, just admit that you’re being subjective at any point.

I think with education, science, and cooperation, we can come up with some objective stuff. It takes teams for that to do this. So I had better be a more open person. Open to being wrong. Open to being hurt.

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