Life is kinda shitty and then you die.

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

The library is playing the most terrible music I have ever heard

Let’s face it everyone, we’ve all doomed ourselves into a shitty life. You got no money, your life sux; you’ve got too much money, it still sux.

People hate themselves and the more their life sucks the more they wanna get happier so they do drugz and take take take, and complain or oppress. Let’s face it. No one’s happy unless they’re okay with how the world is. That’s not to say they should get upset cuz the world sucks.

But for people like me who, knowing they have a lot to be thankful for, we can’t even trick ourselves into thinking we’re happy. When you’re selfish like me, and live around selfish people, you never get happy and you always complain. It’s true.

I know I’m being cynical. Please don’t agree with anything I write or else it’ll come true. Well it already is, but you don’t have to make it even MORE true, ya know.

Anyway, my favorite page of the internet can be found by googling “life sucks and then you die” and going to a yahoo answers question by some knave guy. He’s exactly like me except he actually has had a job laying bricks for his father, and he’s a 21 year old virgin. I’m 20. Well I promised God till I’m 21, but let’s be realistic here, that was gonna happen anyway. I probably will never have intercourse, which I’m okay with to be honest. It’s too late for me to ever like it. Whenever I see people do it or hear about it, it seems selfish and stuff.

I think it’s something we’re all pressured into doing, and we measure or self-value with it (when we’ve lost it, how many times, the person we did it with.) I wish I could have lost it when I was 16. I needed it then, and I wouldn’t be all nervous about it like now.

I’ve ruined it, to be honest. I really don’t want to do it anyway. I’m being serious here. If I do do it, it would be to get it over with. I would feel sorry for the girl; it would be the most akward sex in the whole wide world. Some people weren’t designed to have intercourse.

Hope no one that knows me is reading this. Anyway, I like writing and self-pity. I like being a loser who doesn’t hang out with people. I’ve been told I have “potential.” but I rather not do anything with it. I’m a lost child. A latch-key adult, if you will.

I’m okay with being in my early 20s, still trying to find myself. It’s fun and I kinda predict it’ll be like this for another 30 years or so. In 30 years I’ll be 50. If I’m not a virgin by then I’ll probably cry by myself or make little trinkets and sell them. I did it in the 11th grade- make a lot of trinkets. I didn’t sell them, I just made them for people.

The point is I’ll have lived my life never sticking with a genre of culture because I hate it all after a while. I won’t be into BoBo culture, or high class fine taste nonsense. I’ll hopefully have a career where I won’t have to rely on my birthday for new clothes. Hopefully I’ll get a job soon. I suck and I need to be nice to strangers like I used to. I’ve resorted to being an alienated loner who is too scared of everything because I know what false consciousness is and I know society is becoming terrible at making people satisfied because its aim is to do the exact opposite.

Anyway, I hate when people try to elevate their status by buying terrible shit like iPhones or sleek jackets.

Well, off to go by an iPad.
I’ll leave the link…


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