Law of Attraction & What it is I want

Posted: December 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Okay, so today I was looking into the law of attraction, and some shit about how everything is pretty much vibrations. So pretty much if you want something you have to not only know you want it, but you also have to know you already have it, or will have it no matter what.

You also have to change your behaviors accordingly, okay? This means that having doubt or disbelief means you are emitting an energy that translates to not wanting something. Like if I think I’m going to get rejected, it manifests itself as an order to not let that acceptance happen, because I am emitting an energy and desiring for the same energy to be received by me. So if I had the belief or acted in a waythat went against what I WANTED, then so shall I not receive. Does this make sense? I’m trying to make it make sense.

Pretty much what you don’t want or want but don’t think you are going to have is the same thing and will never let you get what you want but you doubt/ what you don’t want. If you really didn’t want to have consentual sex, you would not put yourself in the position to, okay? When you don’t want something, you emit an energy that, in my case, is very difficult to ever doubt, because you know it’s better off without you. So in a way you’ll never know you’re tricking yourself, well, because you aren’t.

It’s very easy to not get what you don’t want. Do you hate the idea of being in a room with smokers? Have you wanted them to be apart from you? If you have, you will never doubt that. You can’t trick yourself for something genuinely don’t want, AND genuinely don’t doubt your self-worth in. Meaning, you won’t really tell yourself, in that situation:

“Maybe they WILL get stick with me; maybe I’m not good enough to get what I don’t want.” When you act accordingly, you realize that in the situation where you are in a room of smokers, you will leave. Your will is so strong and so doubtless, it controls the situation from ever happening, or if it does happen, it will make it so it comes to an end.

NOW. For me it can be tricky for when I’m asking for something to be given to me. Because I doubt my self-worth when it means getting an award of some kind when the situation doesn’t match with my skill level. If I’m not confident with my test (unless it has subjective grading) than I just won’t do well. Or in my case, if I go into a situation talking to a girl, getting to know her thinking she doesn’t like me, I will act accordingly, and it will happen BECAUSE of me, because I instigated her energy with mine. So, this happens to me a lot.

Many times I feel I won’t attract or befriend someone because I feel like it won’t happen AKA I don’t want it to happen. But my behaviors via energy kind of adapt to my self-consciousness; I can’t naturally sync my gestures will the antithesis of my thoughts. That means I can’t project a lie convincingly unless I actually believe it. Of course there are good liars out there that can, but generally speaking, the way we talk with our bodies is hard to manipulate while we are in our own little world. This sounds very complex.

What I’m trying to say here that confidence is easier than I thought it would be. I can’t be a naturally confident person. I just can’t because I don’t associate my complete self with that abstract energy. What I can do is attract confident energy from external sources and redistribute it to another person, or somehow trap it. Okay, so I’m more or less comfortable saying that if I emit some kind of negative vibration, people around me will ‘pick up’ on it or sense it. So a very positive person or different person will interact with me and get bad vibes, which is because they’re energy or vibration is emitting opposite (maybe even polar opposite energies and therefore we may not necessarily click.

Please, don’t tell me ‘John, you’re thinking too much about it.’ That is a very good point you make. But the reality is some things come naturally to other people. Some people emit this type of energy because they have been for a very long time and they can’t even put it into a language or a lesson. Like when you teach someone how to ride a bike. When I see someone swirving I wanna see if I can do it. I can’t, even if I wanted to. There’s just no way my body will work that way. The rules of balance are already in place, and I may not even be in control of it, you know? That’s why it’s very difficult to change who you are. The energies you emit the strongest and most frequent are the ones you don’t even KNOW OR QUESTION are being sent. Like the way you speak. You just aren’t aware of it or in control.

So what is the summary of all this, and how does it apply to my life, or yours if you have some type of low self esteem. WELL LET’S GET THIS CLEAR: IF YOU HAVE LOW SELF ESTEEM, YOU HAVE COME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT WHAT YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHAT OTHERS FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF ARE IDENTICAL AND IN A NEGATIVE WAY, OKAY? AND THAT YOU HATE YOURSELF SOLELY BECAUSE OTHERS DO WHEN IN REALITY YOU FEEL OTHERS HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU TREAT YOURSELF WITH NEGATIVE ENERGY, FOR WHATEVER REASON. Well the first step in overcoming a lowly feeling is obviously being aware that you are wrong and irrational.

Now that you believe in yourself or at least don’t believe what you feel is worth believing in, only then can you start to believe something else.

You need to tap into a positive thought and either accept it or acknowledge that you choose to reject it or doubt it. Soon this stuff will happen so fast you won’t be stuck in a train of thoughts (a train of thoughts). If you choose to reject that postive energy, it is different than just rejecting it. Rejecting it may not imply you are aware of your decision. But when you choose to reject it, you know if you want to or not, meaning you know are in control of the energies that are leaving you and entering you, which is THE best and only way to change your energies.

It’s not really magic. It takes a lot of time and practice unless it’s something you find rather easy or skilled in already. I can ride a bike with one arm confidently, I do it all the time; I speak English all the time; I don’t even THINK about having confidence in my ability of speaking English, even though there is a confidence in it, okay?

so you also need to adjust your behavior accordingly to your thought. If you ant to be confident, take the necessary steps to become confident. It’s not always based on the way we look, of course, but if we like the way we look we also come to the conclusion that peop,e have defined the way I look to be likeable, so therfore they will continue to like how I look and treat me accordingly. It is important to love yourself if you want to be loved just as important it is to truely love others if you yourself want to be loved.

So if I’m feeling afraid, scared or hate myself I must acknowledge that it is a choice, that my energy is something I am emitting and not just receiving, okay? I am beginning to realize why having a best friend is so important. A best friend has 99.999999999999% unconditional love towards you. Almost family. There can only be a tiny opening for them to love you with set conditions. So you never second guess your friendship, because it’s just something you don’t question. I don’t question that a triangle has three and only three sides. Because it is a law or something in a sense, every triangle I’ve come across has this characteristic and isn’t worth questioning you know?

Same can go for inadequacy. There are varying degrees when it comes to low self esteem. Some people don’t even question whether they are worthy. They feel they are SO unworthy that the thought that there is something else is out there doesn’t even CROSS THEIR MIND.

Just try for yourself! You know who you are. You like yourself, don’t you? The thing is, no matter how much I think I hate myself, that’s really a lie. Selfish people and selfless people have something in common: they like who they are. People who are selfish are only looking out for themselves; and it’s not like selfless people are seeking to hurt themselves; they know how they treat other people is how they would want to be treated and act accordingly. They admire who they are and attempt to preserve it. Selfish people do the same just by DIFFERENT MEANS. So we will always have self-importance but that does not mean we are selfish or justifies selfishness. Selfishness is putting other people through harm for your benefit, whereas selflessness is putting people in a good position without condition, and does involve some sacrifice, but not to the part wear you can be COMPLETELY depleted of the love for yourself. People don’t hate themselves. If they truely had low self esteem, then thinking about themselves would be so appalling that they wouldn’t even want to. If you did have some respect of yourself, you would at least think of your needs, you would at least have the appropraite emotion which does involve effort. So you are always going to love yourself, it’s just a matter of how you treat yourself and the level of your self esteem.

Absloute zero doesn’t exist apply to people. Absloute zero is the temperature in which absolutely no molecular movements are taking place. It’s not -80 degrees; it’s much colder, because -80 is just slow, not still. But we never stop thinking about our own needs completely. I think even Jesus, as altruistic as he was, thought about his own existence, he starved, he had a passion, he wanted something. Of course it wasn’t for his sake (it was much more for God’s children), but nevertheless he put effort into what he wanted or what his Father knew we NEEDED in this world. Jesus acknowledged himself. That certainly doesn’t translate into selfishness in his case. The point is, rather THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS POST is that truely wanting something means acknowledge that you don’t have it, and accepting that it is possible to have it. You don’t want something you don’t desire, so you don’t get it. Law of attraction. When you need something, you more or less do what it takes(WHATEVER IT TAKES AT TIMES), whether your body does it involuntarily for survival or your mind does it voluntarily for comfort. When you need something that emission or that signal that you desire it is free of doubt, and it comes to you every time. That’s the truth. If you think God doesn’t want you to have it, guess what you are giving God the heads up, you are sending a vibration that tells God YOU don’t want to have it. Yep. I TRUELY want to win that essay contest. I TRUELY need that money. I KNOW I will use it to pay my housing bill. I truely ask God and emit the energy that thinks I’m going to get it because I really do want it that badly. If I don’t get it I will be asked to move out, I will be full of shame and negativity, so it is something

a) I know I want very badly and
b) I know will not hurt me, short term or long term.

So I pray, I wish, desire, want enough money to pay for my school housing. If this was not meant to happen, then this energy deep down inside me does not want it to. That energy doesn’t belong to my consciousness and I need to make that known. I really want the money to pay for my housing and I am attracting the universe to give it to me. It will make me a more positive person, it will give me a chance to get to know people more. If only I had known this earlier. But I am ready for it now, and I am more focused now. Any energy I feel is a choice okay? If a woman is in an abuse relationship and doesn’t do anything, that doesn’t mean she likes the idea. It means she hasn’t taken the steps to escape it. The only way she would have no choice, is if the thought of leaving would not even CROSS her mind; or if his actions did not even CONSITITUTE as being detrimental to her physical, mental, or emotional (spiritual) health. Of course she might be afraid to leave, in fear of getting hurt, but her DESIRE TO SEEK A BETTER LIFE/ A WAY OUT is either with her or without her. I don’t mean she’s not forced to be with him, but never is she forced to WANT to be with him, you get me?

Well this is a long ass blog. I’m emitting these energies in a confident and responsible manner; therefore they will happen. No doubt in my mind!


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