Just when I thought Sociology couldn’t get any better

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

So I’ve always known since taking my Intro to Soc class two years ago what Micro-Sociolog was, but I haven’t actually devoted a whole class to it.

I’m taking a class called conversational structures, and I guess the big deal is figuring out what people mean when they say things. But I guess more or less the content or change in voice pitch, or rising intonations.

This is an example of something that interested me. This is a statement someone says to someone else:

“My car broke down.”

Well of course they are presenting the obvious information that, well their car broke down, but we still don’t think they said it just to say it to give up some info; there’s something else going on.

and my professor was saying, how maybe the statement was a way of letting someone know that they need a ride! Or maybe they said it to complain and release that stress and get sympathy. Or maybe they said that because they are giving the information that they can’t make it/ won’t be able to make it; it just depends on what context, not necessarily on the body language or tone, even though that says a lot, if not more or something.

A: Are you almost at my show?
B: My car broke down.

B: My car broke down.
(assuming B lives in the same street and work practically in the same street too)
A:Do you need a ride?
B:Well I mean yeah, if it’s not too much trouble.
A: No, not at all.

But they B dude couldn’t just go up to A and say

B: So yeah can I get a ride?

WTF. Hold on a second. If they live right next to each other, and work right next to each other, why the fuck don’t they just take turns carpooling? Well, assuming they don’t have other things to do like a doctor’s appt or something.

Well anyway, this just goes to show that there are rules when you talk to people. And when you break them, people are gonna be on your ass about it. Of course it’ll be subtle (they’ll just avoid you or talk behind your back most of the time) but they’ll still be on your ass, or sometimes they’ll actually call you out on your shit.

I always try to be polite with people; they’ve got enough stress and issues as it is with the power elite controlling their history and what not. You know, say thank you even though they might not have helped you, or you know, try not to make people feel stupid or try to elevate yourself if you’re feeling insecure. Shame on you if ya do that; that’s so mean and sad.

The truth is, we all have problems (most of the time they’re exactly the same just in different areas and with different people/ companies) and there are A LOT of different ways to deal with them. Some solutions make it go away really soon, but they can become dangerous, or problems themselves (drinking excessively to numb out the pain. Well drinking can’t make the pain go away, just suppress it. And drinking too much can just make things worse because it can become ‘a problem.’

So take the time to fight some inner struggles on your own, or with the HELP of other people, not at THEIR EXPENSE. Why do they gotta suffer to? We niggaz gots to stick tugetha!

Well back to the whole class I’m taking, interaction is kind of a big deal- the small scale junk I mean. People take up so much time figuring out what they want to LOOK like, when really they also or in reality are figuring out HOW THEY WANT TO BE INTERACTED WITH, OR WHO THEY WANT/ DON’T WANT TO INTERACT WITH.

It’s good for me, personally, to get to know people as a while. So in my style of dress, I should dress universally. And even worse, I shouldn’t (and I really need to work on this) shouldn’t single other people out or judge people because of the way they dress, even though for whatever reason they are dressing to not suit my needs (which makes sense if they want to cater to another group of people.)

But yeah, I have the habit of judging people by the way they look, which is more or less idiotic because most of the time, if not all, I’m just straight up wrong. You got to zoom in a little before you judge someone. I mean judging by drawing certain conclusions SOLELY based on the way they LOOK (sounds weird right?).

Like I said you have to zoom in a little bit, not just to prove yourself right (as if making friends is all about experimenting with who WE are) but to also realize that you know, people everywhere are unique on the inside. You can’t always rely on one place and one time and one outfit to determine what someone is all about. I need to do this.

I am lightning quick to single out a pretty girl and automatically assume she thinks she’s better than me, or to see a skinny girl and assume that she must hate who she is. These are radical assumptions or conclusions I’m making, and they impact how I think of other people but more so MYSELF!

So take the time to really ask yourself how can I know what this person is like, and if I don’t want to even befriend this person then why do I even care? I’m so quick to look at a chick on her way to class and think “She’s such a bitch.”- no lies, when:

a) how the hell do I know and
b) why do I care so much if I won’t run into her or probably be her friend?

The truth is, you’ve got to at least come up with a lot of evidence before you reach ANY conclusion, and it can’t be biased.

So let’s say I see her right and what would I do. Categorize, and there’s nothing wrong with that that’s a human thing. It’s just we can’t conclude things based on that since it’s so shallow. I need to work on it, because if you believe the opposite is true enough, then it will become that way, take a look around you.

But I need to, if I care enough about testing my hypothesis in the first place, do observations/ collect data. What kind of hobbies does this girl have? If she is really a bitch, then I would have to see her involved in bitch type of behavior, like actually being mean to someone. It can’t be evidence that contradicts my claim either. If I see her at some kind of homeless shelter I’m proved wrong. But really? Knowing me I would think that she’s only doing it for some kind of thingy to put on an application or for networking (not with the homeless though).

So when I have a NEW hypothesis (a smart enough testable guess) I should just find a way of knowing. Maybe the only way sometimes is, and I know this is really difficult in the 21st century: asking.

Of course that would create all kinds of tension, so you may have to take a different route, but then if you’re not interested, then just don’t even make that assumption anyway. I’m starting to teach myself something here- to question my questioning: Is that really worth questioning if I don’t feel comfortable taking all the steps to know?

That’s what college or graduate school is about to me (I’m an undergrad.) It’s about having a question and having faith in knowing it SO MUCH or SO DESPERATELY that you will devote all these methodologies, all these statistics, literature,surveys, etc. to find out. And what you do with it, why you do it, how you do it is all your business. Just at least take the time to make conclusions based on things to back them up. It’s not faith.

God exists and everything, but the scientific method just doesn’t apply. I’m sure God can make my piece of paper float, but I can’t prove that. And if I did, then I mean… a shitload of people would probably wanna talk to me- professional people (physicists AND psychologists)

Anyway, my belief in God is because not everything can be explained without Him. It’s stupid to think we know everything and we will know everything. God is there for me when I feel down, to teach me to love and stay strong. He also made my world somehow. And maybe we’ll know with science, maybe not. But God isn’t some kind of brain cell, you know, because again that would lead to more questions than answer. God just is, and always was. He can’t be put into any kind of physical light as much as we want to make Him ‘true’ He’s not some kind of theory.

He’s just God, you know. Can’t see Him, so you can’t say what He’s made of or how he looks or what his favorite type Jello is. The only way you can know God is with your heart, or your spirit. He wasn’t born in the universe you know? I don’t know where he was born. I just know he’s really like- non materialish. Idk it’s weird. I believe in God. You can believe in whatever you want to, God won’t burn you at the stake, I mean He loves you no matter what. But you have to understand there are consequences on how you go about shit, and responsibilities.

We have freedom of religion so we don’t have these religious wars as civil ones. I know we are quick to assume whoever doesn’t believe in our shit is wrong and doesn’t deserve to be accepted, because then we would be going against what believed in. So show your respect. I’m not going to ever agree with an Atheist, or a Polytheist/ Mithraism (freemason religion), but we can learn to live together, contradictions and all. It’s all about compassion, about respect, and being real. Not everyone’s going to believe in everything. Some people are going to stick to one thing. I can’t be a Polytheist if I believe in God. That will just always be logical. But I think it’s important to at least know where other people come from and how to go about making things better. Not perfect, just a little bit better. and I hope I can learn to do that with my major- the learning and the improving things stuff.


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