My purpose statement or something

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Okay so pretty much some incredible shit will happen eventually. We all have this story on the end of the world, civilization, etc.

But all that shit isn’t going to happen until it really does. How long will it take? Will we all be eventually put into some kind of slavery, still waiting for the day everything will erupt, and the battle of good and evil will climax and put an end to all of these tiny blasts of oppression and evil? Huh?

Well when? Will our lives become so miserable that we’ll take any kind of help from our masters? What if they put you into so bad a world and one day decided :Here, we’ve been mean, have some more freedom. All of a sudden that notion that the world will end will be over, that it’ll come later on, when things get worse… again.

And then things will get even worse than they were before, and then we’ll get clemency, and then we’ll long for the day.

Well that’s bullshit. The destruction of evil isn’t exactly going to come to you, it’s not going to happen when you think it is; some argue that it never will.

The only sure way these things will come into fruition is if you actually do it, and as soon as possible.

Shake things up. Light the invisible buildings on fire! This is what I shall do. One day, the biggest norm, the most widely accepted things will all be broken, whether I do or they do. And we’ll all see what happens.

so are you going to leave it all up to the people who are higher than you, ‘justifiably’?

Are you going to continue to resent your family, or the people with the different color skin, or different sized titties and or waist? Will you continue your struggle of a perfect body, until that time comes when your ass just dies because it was old? Then what?

This whole who is your enemy deal is a great way to manipulate and distract people. But you have to realize that when you have an enemy, be they a person, or idea, these powerful people are SO aware of the deep passion and energy of the individual, their boiling point, that they are willing to harness it and use it to divert our attention and create a battle of some invisible, sometimes non existent thingy.

Look. Know who your enemy is. Don’t rely on other people to tell you who your enemy is, who you have to destroy, compete with, disagree or not relate to, who to segrgate from. Or in contrast, don’t let these people trick you into determining what kind of life YOU’LL live, what you’ll value, what you will vote for, fight for, pay taxes for. These people will benefit from it.

You must step out of this external trap almost. What you want, what you desire and yearn for is inside of your spirit, It transcends any possible Earthly goal, you see.

No matter what changes in society happens, your spirit will never change. One day we may put an end to your goal, we’ll make it obsolete, and then what. What if one day there are no schools, no models, computers to fix up or improve, or fire trucks to drive? Then what?

There are things inside of you that will never die. Your passion is a big one, and it’s up to you to tap into it, to choose what it is.

Personally, I choose to blow shit up, metaphorically. To create as much disorder as I can. Not even become a revolutionary. My purpose is not to increase in power and corruption, but to level the playing field, and bring the corporate and political ‘gods’ down to the earth, and never again seek to ascend to their level.

The truth is these people are… people. There’s an aspect of the American Dream that we all don’t even THINK about.

What if the American dream is itself a manipulation. What if breaking free of the oppression is the best way to preserve it. There is no way for all of even many individual persons to make it in this society, it’s just illogical; not everyone will make it to the top; there’s just not enough room. It’s a lie. You’ve been duped!

So I make it a goal to just do as much as I can to flat out shake things up, test certain outcomes. We’re screwed over anyway, why not try, huh?

I’m going to live a life in the SPIRIT of something, you know? I’m not trying to tell you you’re a lowly person who is inferior to me because I see things in a different way, or that I’m some kind of leader or calling everyone ‘sheeple’ or something.

This statement is to tell you what I’M all about. And what that is is something deep down inside. I’m trying to eliminate everything I need to in me and outside of me so I can do what I want.

We all wanna do different things it’s just important to go for it, you know… “pursuit of happiness.”

Personally, it can be hard to sometimes even PURSUE it, you know if you’re poor, or ‘old’ or have kids you must take care of. But it can still be done. Don’t let the unwritten rules, the problematic ones that aren’t realized and published or passed, get to you.

I guess it is hard because we may think it’s too late to pursue it. Maybe you’re in an abusive relationship, maybe you have some type of psychological or physical ailment. Or maybe you don’t even care or something, which is fine.

It’s just important to know what you’re capable of, the power that you have in your little ol’ body. You can do a lot.

MLK did a lot. He was just one person, far from the racial hegemony. But he tapped into it. He wasn’t rich, or had no kids, or anything like that. He wasn’t scared regardless of the risks he was taking, the potential and literal death handed to him COINCIDENTALLY by a psychologically damaged person.

You can do a lot more than you think. Figure out how to break through, or look into your heart an be strong. I think we all can end up doing something big. It;s just it’s hard to do when you’re dead, so I’m beginning with Sociology; it’s a powerful tool for me or something. I’m grateful I’m going to a good school, that I am not legally insane or have a drinking problem, and I intend to stay away from that dangerous path. I pray I continue to be blessed in this way.

I’m considered poor, and that my life sucks, and my family and I are crammed in a small ass apt building. But I want to step out of that mentality. Living on campus is helping me deal with that. I hope this engine, this purpose of mine lives on, because I want to do something good, I want to make things fair once and for all, and end the manipulation of the powerless to conform and feel like prisoners, and the evils that are manipulating the absolutely powerful Illuminati, the Power Elite, Bourgeoisie, whatever you want to call them. They aren’t that way because they want to be.

They’ve been duped to. We all have been and the only way to change is if we all do it together, if both sides of the army realize their oppression be it physical or spiritual. We will not be liberated not as poor, or as powerless; we will not be liberated as the evil people who control. We will be liberated as human entities, as spirits living in a world of terror, but an Earth of beauty. Either we all win these evil forces or we’re al victims of it.



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